How to Deal with Bullying in Military Schools

Six Tips on Dealing with Bullying in Military Academies

It is quite unfortunate that bullying still occurs in disciplined and respected institutions such as military academies. Social media is often the medium through which these acts of bullying are perpetrated. Some military academies have however taken the initiative by asking their students to sign anti-bullying pact or at least, address the issue through mentoring.

This helps to prevent possible conflicts in their tiny communities, but not all schools have taken this proactive approach. Parents, therefore, have a role to play and the following tips may be beneficial to students experiencing bullying in military academies;

1. Listen to your child:

It is important that you take your child seriously if they complain to you about experiencing issues with another student in school. Telling them to “toughen up” or “suck it up” may not be the right course of action. Many parents often view such situations as phases that will sooner than later pass, but most often than not, these situation persists for a long time forcing your child to endure a difficult situation for an extended period. Carefully listen to your child, and patiently discuss their situations with them towards finding a constructive resolution. 

2. Take note of the signs:

For fear of being embarrassed or being unable to handle situations on their own, some kids choose not to speak up. Self-reliance shouldn’t be demanded of pupils attending military schools because bullying is an issue that the majority of people find difficult to handle. It’s crucial to keep a close check on your child’s behavior and be alert for indications of abuse, such as when they become reclusive and lonely, unhappy, or avoid activities they used to enjoy. These characteristics can all be signs that your child is being bullied.

3. Teach them to be independent:

Teach your child some strategies they can take to handle the bullying themselves if there is no risk of physical harm coming to them. This will boost their self-esteem and sense of pride and benefit them for the rest of their lives. It is fairly normal to want to protect your child by handling or fixing the problem for them, but the best thing you can do for them is to teach them the skills they need to solve problems on their own. 

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4. Console and encourage them:

It is crucial to prevent your child from placing the blame for the bullying on themselves. Since it’s typical for victims to occasionally blame themselves for the circumstance, reassure them that they are not to blame. Encourage them to put the blame where it belongs, on the bully. 

5. Involve other adults:

It might be time to involve others if the bullying persists despite your and your child’s efforts to stop it. You might wish to schedule an appointment for you and your child to talk with the school counselor about the matter since they are present in every military school. Many have dealt with similar circumstances before, so they can give you wise guidance on what to do. If your child doesn’t wish to speak to a counselor, approach and talk to a trusted instructor about the situation. 

6. Teach emotional intelligence:

Set an example for your child by acting in a way that reduces the negative feelings brought on by bullying. Explain to them how you handle intense emotions of fear, rage, or despair. This can be of tremendous assistance to bully victims, especially when they learn that you might very well react in similar ways to them in certain situations.


Bullying is uncommon at military schools because of the regimented environments there. However, if they do happen, it’s crucial to acknowledge your child’s emotions and collaborate with them to find a solution. In order to prevent them from feeling lonely and alone, encourage them to develop close friendships with other students. Talk to your child about bullying before it happens so that they are ready and able to handle it if and when it does. This is the most important thing you can do.

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