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Virginia Military Academy, USA

Image Source: WSLSVirginia Military Institute (VMI) is a senior military college in Lexington, Virginia. It was established in 1839 as America's first state military...

Weighing the Pros and Cons: Military Service for Young People

The decision to join the military is one that carries significant weight, particularly for young individuals on the threshold of adulthood. Military service has...

Oakland Military Institute- Overview, Admission Requirements, History

Oakland Military Institute, formally the Oakland Military Institute College Preparatory Academy, is a charter school in Oakland, California, run by the California Military Department's...

Fishburne Military School, Virginia USA

Fishburne Military School, founded in 1879, is Virginia's oldest private military school. The school is proudly located in historic Waynesboro, Virginia. It is Virginia's...

The History and Significance of Military Uniforms Over Time

The History of Military UniformsThe first accounts of military uniforms can be found sometime around 200 BC in the battle between Spanish forces and...

Top 12 Iconic Battles that Changed the Course of History

A battle may change the course of history in some cases, or it may just be a minor incident during a larger conflict. Here...

United States Military Academy, West Point – History, Admission, & Noble Graduates

Cadets must be at least 17 years old but still need to be 23 when they are appointed into the USMA. Furthermore, they must be unmarried and have no legal obligation to support children, and females are not permitted to be pregnant. 

Fork Union Military Academy, United States

A military academy, also known as a service academy, is an educational institution that prepares candidates for officer corps service. It typically provides education...

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