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Egyptian Military Technical College

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The Egyptian Military Technical College (MTC), located in Cairo, Egypt, is more than just an educational institution; it’s a cornerstone of the nation’s military strength and technological advancement. Established in 1957, the MTC has played a pivotal role in shaping Egypt’s armed forces. This comprehensive blog post will delve into its rich history, academic programs, admission process, international collaborations, research endeavors, and vital role in serving the military and civilian sectors.

A Historical Journey of The Egyptian Military Technical College

Building a Strong Egyptian Army

The roots of The Egyptian Military Technical College (MTC) can be traced back to the 23rd July Revolution, a pivotal moment in Egypt’s history. The need for a robust Egyptian army equipped with modern technologies and skilled engineers became apparent during this time. The solution? Establish a technical military academy.

From “The Military College for Science” to the MTC

On October 27, 1957, the Chief of Staff of the Egyptian Armed Forces issued an order to create a scientific military college. Initially named “The Military College for Science,” the institution found its home in Abd El-Rehiem Sabry Palace in Dokky, Cairo, in 1958. The educational foundation and teaching plans were developed through collaboration between Czechoslovak experts and Egyptian university professors in cooperation with the Czechoslovak Military Academy of Brno, Czechoslovakia.

Transition to Self-Reliance

By the 1960s, The Egyptian Military Technical College (MTC) took significant steps toward self-sufficiency. Egyptian teaching staff emerged as the backbone of the college. Early groups were sent to the Czechoslovak Military Academy to earn their Ph.D. degrees in various specialized areas between 1964 and 1975. Later, groups ventured to distinguished universities in France, the UK, the USA, Canada, Russia, and China, starting in 1977. This marked the end of the role played by Czechoslovak faculty members, and the MTC began relying entirely on its staff.

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Graduate Studies and Global Impact

In 1978, the college was tasked with initiating graduate studies for professional officers of the Egyptian Armed Forces. Since then, numerous Ph.D. and M.Sc. degrees and graduate professional diplomas have been awarded. Thousands of B.Sc. engineering officers have proudly graduated from the MTC. Furthermore, The Egyptian Military Technical College (MTC) has welcomed foreign cadets from Egypt, Arab countries, and Africa, promoting international collaboration and cultural exchange.

Academic Programs in The Military Technical College (MTC)

Undergraduate Excellence

The Egyptian Military Technical College (MTC) offers various undergraduate programs, each spanning five academic years. Cadets join designated specializations after their second year, including Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, and Civil and Architectural Engineering.

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Admission and Requirements in The Military Technical College (MTC)

Path to Enrolment

Prospective Military Technical College (MTC) cadets must meet specific requirements, including Egyptian citizenship, good character, and completing basic scientific, medical, and physical fitness tests. Personal interviews with the College Board are also conducted.

Inclusivity and Foreign Candidates

The MTC embraces diversity and accepts foreign candidates. These candidates undergo the same rigorous admission process as Egyptian applicants, fostering an inclusive environment.

Undergraduate Admission Requirements in The Egyptian Military Technical College

Applicants must meet certain criteria for admission to the Egyptian Military Technical College (MTC). Here are the key requirements in simple terms:

  1. Nationality and Family Background: Applicants should be Egyptian citizens, and their parents and grandparents should also be Egyptian.
  2. Educational Qualifications: Applicants must have a high school diploma or an equivalent certificate. The percentage of marks obtained in the year of admission is considered. The certificate should not be over 2 years old from registration at a university, institute, or engagement in army service.
  3. Age Limit: Applicants should be no older than 22 as of the first of October.
  4. Clean Record: Applicants should not have a history of felonies, crimes, or previous court cases.
  5. Good Conduct: Applicants should have a reputation for good conduct and be trustworthy.
  6. Marital Status: Applicants must be unmarried and should not plan to get married during their years of study.
  7. Academic History: Applicants should not have resigned or been expelled from any college or military school in Egypt.
  8. Physical Fitness: Applicants are required to pass a physical fitness exam, and there should be no need to retake this exam.
  9. Confidence Exam: Applicants must pass a confidence exam regulated by the Ministry of Defense.
  10. Academic Performance: Applicants should perform well in scientific exams, as determined by the MTC’s board of directors.
  11. Medical Fitness: Applicants must meet the medical fitness criteria approved by the Minister of Defense. A military medical council will assess whether the student qualifies for admission. Applicants who do not qualify should not undergo repeated medical inspections within the same group.
  12. Additional Marks: Extra marks may be awarded to applicants who have achieved sporting achievements documented by the respective sports administrations and those who have excelled in higher-level exams.
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These are the requirements applicants need to meet to be considered for admission to the Military Technical College.

Research and Innovation

Global Recognition

The Military Technical College (MTC) consistently ranks among the top research facilities in Egypt, making significant contributions to a wide range of fields, from biotechnology to materials and from environmentally friendly power resources to satellite communications. With over 30 research projects, the college’s faculty and students are at the forefront of technological advancements.

Public Service

Beyond the Military: Serving the Community

The MTC’s mission extends beyond the military. It actively engages in outreach projects that benefit the armed and civilian sectors. Established in 1957, the Military Technical College is widely recognized as a distinguished scientific research center.

Leadership and Vision

Guided by Visionaries

Major General Prof. Dr. Alaa Eldin Mohamed Fahmy Aly Fahmy leads The Military Technical College (MTC), supported by Major General Ismael Abdel-Ghaffar Farag and Dr. Mohammed Medhat Mokhtar. Together, they steer the institution toward greater heights.

Aspiring for Global Excellence

The MTC aims to become a global research, education, and knowledge leader. Rooted in moral principles, the college places profound trust in the capabilities of the Egyptian people and their commitment to the nation’s distinction, dignity, and independence.


The Military Technical College in Cairo is more than an institution; it’s a testament to Egypt’s dedication to excellence, military strength, and technological innovation. Its legacy, built over decades, continues to shape the nation’s future. For more information, visit the official website or contact them at Ismail Al Fangari, El-Qobba Bridge, Al Waili, Cairo Governorate, Egypt, and +20224036110.

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