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The Nigerian Air Force DSSC Application Form 31/2023

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The Nigerian Air Force application form is currently open for applicants interested in joining the Air Force this year. The Nigerian Air Force (NAF) has begun the process of enlisting 2023 Direct Short Service (DSSC) cadets in a variety of professions for suitable graduates and post-graduate candidates.

About the Nigerian Air Force

The Nigerian Air Force (NAF) is the air arm of the Nigerian Armed Forces. It was established on 18 April 1964, with the passing of the Air Force Act 1964 by the National Assembly.

The NAF is responsible for the defense of Nigerian airspace, and it provides air support to other branches of the Nigerian military as well as to civilian authorities as needed. It is also involved in peacekeeping and humanitarian operations.

The NAF has a wide range of aircraft in its inventory, including fighter jets, transport planes, and helicopters. It is headquartered in Abuja, the capital of Nigeria.

The Nigerian Air Force Application Form
The Nigerian Air Force DSSC Application Form 31/2023 2

Nigerian Air Force Application requirements

The following are the application requirements for the 2023 Air force DSSC enlistment exercise;

  • Applicants must be a Nigerian citizen
  • Applicants must be single
  • Applicants must be between the ages of 20 – 30
  • Applicants must possess a minimum qualification of Second Class Upper Division or Upper Credit  from recognized Universities, Polytechnics, and other tertiary institution
  • NYSC discharge certificate is also compulsory for all applicants

Courses that can apply for NAF Short Service 2023

Requirements: Applicants are advised to carefully read the specific disciplines required below before filling out the form:

a.        Aircraft Engineering: HND/B.Eng/BSc Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Aeronautical Engineering, Mechatronics Engineering, Electrical/Electronic Engineering, Metallurgy and Material Technology, Automobile Engineering.

b.        Armament Technology: HND/B.Eng Mechanical Engineering, Electrical/Electronic Engineering, Chemical Engineering, BSc Industrial Chemistry, BSc Chemistry, BSc Physics, HND/BSc Explosive Chemistry, BSc Biochemistry, BSc Rocket Science.

c.        Communication, Information, and Space TechnologyBSc/MSc/M.Eng/B.Eng/HND Communication Engineering, Telecommunication Engineering, Electrical/Electronic Engineering, Computer & Electronic Engineering, Computer Engineering, Information Technology, Computer Science, Software Engineering,  Cyber Security, PGD Satellite Communication, PGD Satellite Ground Station Engineering, , PGD/BSc Geographic Information System, PGD/BSc Rockery, PGD/BSc Astronomy, PGD/BSc Space Engineering, PGD/BSc Aerospace Engineering, PGD/BSc Data Link Op/GCS Maintenance, Certified Cisco Networking Associate/H3C Eqpt.  Possession of professional certificates such as CSDP, CSSLP, PHP Cert, CSS Zen Garden Cert, Java, Python, React, Node.js, CNDA, MCDBA, OCP, MCSA, CCNP, CCNA Security, CCNA Wireless, CCNP, CCNP Wireless, CCNP Security, Network+, MCSE, Security+, CPW, CPWA, CPWDV, CPWDS, CEH, ECSA, LPT, ECVP, ECSP. PGD and MSc would be added advantages.

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d.  Logistics: BSc/HND Economics, Purchasing and Supply, Procurement and Supply Chain Management, BSc Mathematics & Statistics, BSc Chemistry, BSC Biology. Possession of professional certificates such as CIPSM and CILT is required PGD and MSc would be added advantages.

e.  Air Intelligence: BSc/HND Remote Sensing, Geographic Information Systems, Cartography Photogrammetry, Geography, Land Surveying, Electrical/Electronic Engineering, Computer Science (Comitia A+ Ethical hacking and advantage), Cyber Security Analysts, Computer Engineering, Robotic Engineering, , Russian Language, Mandarin Language, Arabic Language, German Language, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, Intelligence and Security Studies, Peace and Conflict Resolution, History.

f.  Administration/Personal ServiceBSc/HND Public Administration, Statistics.

g.  Catering ServicesBSc/HND Hotel and Catering, BSc/HND Hospitality Management, BSc/HND Dietician/Nutrition, BSc/HND Event Management, BSc/HND Food Science Technology.

h.  Sports and Physical EducationBSc Physical and Health Education.

i.   Air Provost: BSc Sociology, Criminology, Psychology, LLB, BL, (Lab Scientist).

j.   Public RelationsB.A/BSc/HND Mass Communication, Journalism, Public Relations.

k.  Legal ServicesLLB, BL.

l.  EducationB.A( Ed)/B.Ed English, BSc (Ed)/B.Ed Physics, BSc (Ed)/B.Ed Chemistry, BSc (Ed)/B.Ed Biology,  B.Tech/BSc (Ed) Technical Education, B.A (Ed)/B.Ed Hausa Language,  B.A (Ed)/B.Ed Yoruba Language, B.A (Ed)/B.Ed Igbo Language, B.A (Ed)/B.Ed History, B.A (Ed)/B.Ed Fine Art, B.A (Ed)/B.Ed French, B.A (Ed)/B.Ed Library Science,   BSc (Ed)/B.Ed Business Studies.

m. Chaplaincy: BSc/B.A/HND Theology Chaplain.

n.  Imam: B.A Islamic Studies, Arabic Language and Literature, B.A Sharia Law.

o.  Music: B.A Music Arts, B. Ed Music, A.A Creative Arts/Music, HND Music Technology, B.A/HND Performing Arts Music.

p.  Account and Budget. BSc Accounting, Economics.

Can Medical Students Apply for Air Force?

Yes. Here are the medical fields that can currently apply for the NAF DSSC:

q.  Medical Services. Must have specialist’s qualification or its equivalent (BSc/HND). Also must be fully registered by its specialist’s Council of Nigeria and possess a current practicing license in appropriate specialist areas:

(1)      Medical Doctor. MBBS, MBchB, or equivalent by the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria.

(2)      RadiographerBSc in Medical Imaging Science or Radiography.

(3)      Pharmacist. Must possess a B.Pharm degree. 

(4)      Medical Lab Scientist. Must possess either a BMLS or AIMLS. 

(5)      Clinical Psychologist. Must possess an MSc in Clinical Psychology and BSc in General and Applied Psychology. 

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(6)      Health Information Management/Medical Records Officer. Must possess a BSc or HND Health Info Mgt/Health Records and Biostatistics. 

(7)      Physiotherapist. Must possess either B. Physiotherapy or BMR (Bachelor of Medical Rehabilitation).

(8)      Preventive Health/Hygiene Officer. Must possess either a BSc or HND in either Preventive Health or Hygiene offr. 

(9)      Dietician/Nutrition. B.Sc or HND Dietician/Nutrition. 

(10)    Dental Therapist/Technologist.  BDS or its equivalent. 

 (11)   OptometristBSc in Optometry or B.Optom.  

(12)    Biomedical Engineer. Must possess a BSc or HND in Biomedical Engineering. 

(13)    Nurses – B.Sc/RN and RM (Double Qualification). Must be registered and have a current practicing license from the Nigerian Nursing and Midwifery Council. 

Other Courses that Can Apply For Air Force Recruitment        

r.    Air Traffic Services. Must have specialist’s qualification or its equivalent (BSc/B.Tech/HND)

(1)   Air Traffic Control. BSC/HND (Sciences) or Air Traffic Control Licence (NCAA).

(2)  Meteorology. B.Tech Met, BSc/HND Geography, BSc/HND Physics.

(3)  Fire. BSc/HND (Science and Social Sciences) or B.Engr (Civil Engineering. Fire Fighting/Rescue Cert is an added advantage.

s.  Works and Services. BSc/HND Architecture, Building technologist, Quantity Surveyor, Land Surveyor, Urban and Regional Planning, Estate Surveyors and Valuers, and Electrical Electronics.

t.  Museum and Archives. BA History and BA Archeology/Anthropology.

NAF Application Portal 2023

Interested applicants are to apply online via the Nigerian Air force recruitment portal at

Online Registration starts on 19 December 2022 and closes on 30 January 2023.

Important information

The Nigerian Air force enlistment process is absolutely free of charge, hence applicants must not make any payments to anyone at any stage of the exercise.

The Nigerian Air force has not commissioned any agents or persons to carry out any enlistment-related activity on its behalf into the service. Hence, applicants should stay away from dubious agents or online portals with intentions to scam innocent and unwitting Nigerians.

The application process is FREE OF CHARGE and no payment should be made at any point throughout the Exercise. For Support, please call 09064432351 and 09055840142 or Email: All phone lines are available from Monday to Friday between 9:30 AM and 5:30 PM.

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