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The Nasser Military Academy, Egypt

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The Nasser Military Academy, officially known as the “Nasser Higher Military Academy,” is a prominent military institution in Egypt. It is named after Gamal Abdel Nasser, an iconic leader who shaped modern Egypt and the Arab world. The Academy is dedicated to training and educating officers for leadership roles within the Egyptian Armed Forces.

History of Nasser Military Academy, Egypt

Nasser Military Academy, or Nasser Higher Military Academy, was inaugurated on March 3, 1965, by late President Gamal Abdel Nasser. A teaching staff of Russian experts was formed for the Academy, and the Study was limited to the Higher War College. At the beginning of the second session of the Higher War College in September 1966, the first session was held at the National Defense College.

The Study stopped at the Academy from June 1967 until December 1973, and its introductory courses were postponed due to war conditions. During this period, short classes were held for senior officers of the armed forces. After the victory of October 1973, the Study continued at the Academy; the Russian references were translated into Arabic, and the curricula were taught by Egyptian teaching staff. (Monahassan, 2022)

Nasser Military Academy is considered one of Egypt’s highest military educational facilities. It is known for providing advanced military education and training to officers of the Egyptian Armed Forces, with a focus on leadership development and strategic thinking. The Academy was devoted to the advanced education of top military officers and selected civilian government officials.

In June 1991, the Center for Strategic Studies joined the organization of the Academy to complete the academic education system on the operational and strategic levels. The Academy continues to develop performance in the educational process in line with advanced thought in various sciences and martial and civil arts.

 The National Defense College and Higher War College were included in it, making it the pinnacle of the officer education system.

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Aims & Objectives of Nasser Military Academy, Egypt

It is worth noting that Nasser Military Academy’s main aim is to train and educate military leaders for the Egyptian Armed Forces. The Academy is dedicated to developing officers with the necessary knowledge, skills, and leadership qualities to lead and manage military units and operations effectively. Graduates of the Nasser Military Academy are expected to take on leadership roles within the armed forces and contribute to the defense and security of Egypt.

The Academy’s curriculum is designed to provide cadets with a comprehensive education in military science, strategy, tactics, leadership, and other relevant subjects. The training emphasizes the development of leadership qualities, critical thinking, decision-making, and effective communication, all of which are essential for military leaders.

While the primary focus of the Nasser Military Academy is on training military leaders, it also plays a broader role in shaping the character and values of its cadets, instilling a sense of discipline, patriotism, and dedication to the nation’s welfare. This not only contributes to the strength and professionalism of the armed forces but also to the overall stability and security of the country.

College Courses Offered at Nasser Military Academy, Egypt

At Nasser, courses are only taught in English and Arabic for indigenous or international students of friendly countries. Such courses are:

  1. Higher War Course.
  2. Senior Leadership Course.
  3. Formation Leaders Course.
  4. African Strategic Course.
  5. Leaders’ Early Preparation Course.
  6. Peacekeeping Forces Course.
  7. Military History Teacher Course.
  8. Conflict Resolution and Peacekeeping Course.

Admission Process of Nasser Military Academy

The Academy qualifies and develops the Armed Forces senior officer’s skills and capabilities and high-ranking military and ranking civilians from state and public-sector institution personnel recommended by their respective commands. By implication, Nasser’s military academy is majorly for serving officers or organizing civilians who wish to take leadership roles in the military or society.

Intending students must be recommended by their respective commands to be admitted into the Academy. Foreigners are not allowed into Nasser Military Academy; only personnel from friendly countries such as Iraq, Somalia, Sudan, and Tunisia could be admitted on request from their mother country.

The Nasser Military Academy Has Three Colleges and a Center

  1. Center for Strategic Studies: Prepares detailed and analytical studies of problems and issues related to Egyptian national security at different levels (internationally – regionally-locally).
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 We are developing the strategic thought of armed forces officers in all fields (political-military, economic, social, cultural). 

We are developing relationships with corresponding research centers (local, regional, and international). 

I am attending seminars and panel discussions in study centers at the local and regional levels. 

Contribute to presenting visions and ideas for planning long-term programs with a strategic dimension in which the armed forces participate with the rest of the state agencies. 

Providing a database and information that contributes to the scientific and research activities of the center

  1. National Defense College: The College of National Defense is considered the highest scientific center for Study and research in the Arab Republic of Egypt concerning national strategy and national security in its political, economic, military, social, and moral dimensions. 

They are qualifying and developing the abilities and skills of senior officers to occupy senior positions in the armed forces, equipping old civilian workers to occupy senior positions in the state, participating in setting a vision for the comprehensive strategy and general policies of the state, and knowing all the factors affecting them, as well as qualifying expatriates from brotherly and friendly countries to assume senior leadership positions in their countries. 

Achieving a common understanding among the selected group of senior workers in the various sectors of the state (civilians – military) in addition to the expatriates who, by their future jobs, bear the responsibility for decision-making

  1. Supreme War College: Qualifying senior officers to assume command and staff responsibilities and leadership positions in field armies, military regions, and the General Command of the Armed Forces in Egypt and brotherly and friendly countries.

Scientific research in the field of achieving military strategy

Academy Task

  1. Rehabilitation and development of the capabilities and skills of senior officers of the Armed Forces to occupy senior positions by holding tactical, strategic courses at the Higher War College.
  2. Rehabilitation and development of the capabilities and skills of those nominated by their employers, including military personnel and senior civil servants, by holding courses at the National Defense College.
  3. Contribute to everything related to higher military studies and scientific research in the military field and other fields related to strengthening the strategic resistance of the Arab Republic of Egypt by holding and attending internal and external strategic military, and scientific seminars.
  4. Strengthening the cultural and scientific ties between the Academy and the corresponding academies at the Arab and international level
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Scientific Degrees Awarded by Nasser Academy

Doctoral degrees in military sciences and national strategy are given to the graduates of this institution, which trained students to participate in developing Egypt’s foreign and defense policies. Those degrees are listed below.

  1. Graduate War College Associate Degree.
  2. Doctor of Philosophy degree in military sciences
  3. Fellowship of the National Defense College
  4. Ph.D. in National Strategy


Nasser Higher Military Academy is one of the highest, if not the highest, military academies in Egypt. The Academy trains military personnel and top-level civilians to take up leadership roles in the military. Nasser military academy doesn’t accept recruits or civilians who are new to the military/defense world; they only accept already serving military personnel or ranking civilians who were recommended by their command and are being primed to take up leadership roles in the army or national defense.

Lastly, the Nasser Military Academy contributes significantly to the nation’s military and defense system by equipping its cadets with the proper knowledge to occupy leadership roles and make strategic and critical decisions in the military and society.


Monahassan. (2022, May 28). Nasser Higher Military Academy. Nasser Youth Movement. 

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