The M4 Carbine: What You Might Not Know About it

The M4 Carbine


The M4 Carbine is a gas-operated, magazine-fed carbine. It was been designed in the United States. The M4 is just an ordinary rifle, it is a well propounded Assault rifle. In terms of the specifications, an empty round M4 weighs approximately 6.43 lb. (2.92kg) while the weight when it is loaded with a 30 rounds magazine is 7.75 lb. (3.52kg). The length is 838mm when the stock is being extended and 29.7 inches when the stock is being retracted and it also has a barrel length of 14.5 inches.

It possesses a 5.56x45mm cartridge and a 5.56mm caliber. The M4 is an efficient weapon because of its durability and fire rate, which is 700-950 rounds per minute, but the effective fire range is 500m. The M4 carbine is an effective weapon because it is not too heavy, easy to carry, and also has the ability to fire 300m under the water, isn’t that amazing!!!


The United States Armed force extensively uses the M4 and also in the soil of Africa, it is predominately used by the Nigerian Armed Forces and the Egyptian Forces and combats units as their primary Special Forces weapon and sub-service rifle. The M4 carbine has been adopted by over 60 countries all over the world and is also being described as one of the defining firearms of the 21st Century.

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Since when it was adopted into the system in 1994, The M4 Carbine has undergone a series of modifications to improve the efficiency of the weapon for use and modularity. Improvements that could be attached to the M4 carbine include; an under-barrel M203 grenade launcher, optical attachments, and the M4A1, which is capable of strengthening the barrel and removing the burst-fire option.

As the United States Army believes, before the end of 2023 a more modified and advanced Assault Rifle will surpass and replace the M16/M4 in the Next Generation Squad Weapon Program (NGSWP).

The M4 magazine is sturdier to reduce in-field failure rates when dealing with sub-optimal conditions and possibly frequent impacts with the ground or structures as soldiers advance or take cover. It holds 30 bullets and is somewhat easier to switch out than the M16, but it does require some basic training for mastery.

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When we look at the M4, it has greater ergonomic efficiency in terms of selector/safety switch and maintenance. The selector switch is larger and easier to set without losing sight of targets, while the breakdown components for maintenance are relatively neutral, although still somewhat more favorable to right-handed users.

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