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Top Military Boys and Girls High Schools in the United States, 2024

Contrary to popular belief, military schools are not simply places to send troubled children after they have been expelled from regular school. Military schools are rigorous educational establishments. They use rigorous schedules to instill discipline in cadets and prepare them for college and the real world.

The best military schools in the United States frequently have above-average SAT scores, low teacher-student ratios, advanced faculty members, and a strict daily activity schedule. Keep reading to learn about the best military high schools for boys and girls in 2023. 

Top 6 Military High Schools for Boys in the USA

Randolph-Macon College, Virginia

Avg Acceptance rate: 84%

Avg Tuition: $27,000

Randolph-Macon Academy is a military high school in Front Royal, Virginia. Unlike most military academies, Randolph-Macon is coed. Activities such as the Air Force Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps, flight, the debate team, and the marching band are available to both boys and girls. 

Randolph-Macon is regarded as one of the best military schools, and its test scores reflect this: as of 2009, the school had an average SAT score of 1485, an average ACT score of 21, and a teacher-student ratio of 1:10.

New York Military Academy, New York

Avg Acceptance rate: 50%

Avg Tuition: $42,000

New York Military Academy is one of the most prestigious military academies in the country. Famous alumni include current President Donald J. Trump, Francis Ford Coppola, and Judge Albert Tate, and the school is located directly on the Hudson River in Cornwall-on-Hudson.

The college prep school is a coeducational boarding school that accepts both sexes. It is one of the country’s oldest military schools, previously only admitting male students. It was established in 1889.

The school serves students in grades 8 through 12. The school has only 100 students, which makes it extremely exclusive. Classrooms are small, with an average teacher-to-student ratio of 1:8. 

The selective school has an SAT average of 1180 and an ACT average of 23. Tuition and boarding can cost more than $46,250 per year, with uniforms costing around $4,000 for the first year. Furthermore, many students who attend receive financial assistance.

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The college preparatory school has a college placement rate of 94 percent. It also serves as the location for the NYMA Summer Leadership Program.

Fork Union Military Academy 

Avg Acceptance rate: 55%

Avg Tuition: $45,000

Fork Union Military Academy (FUMA by its cadets) was established in 1898 and educates male cadets in grades six through twelve. FUMA employs a military-style approach to developing academic and leadership skills in cadets. While FUMA is a military-style school, it is not influenced by the military; its institutional goal is to create “solid citizens.” 

Sonny Randle, Plaxico Burress, General John T. Chain Jr., and General George D. Miller are notable Christian college prep school alumni.

Fork Union Military Academy is only accepting male students. Each year, it bestows several scholarships to cadets based on various qualifications, focusing on leadership, character, and academic performance. Students in grades 7 through 12 and recent high school graduates looking for a one-year college preparatory program are currently accepted.

There are only 312 students enrolled. Attendees are given a one-of-a-kind “One-Subject Plan” curriculum in which they only study one subject for seven weeks. Fork Union students have an average SAT score of 1150 and an average ACT score of 26. Because of the exclusivity, classroom sizes are small. The student-to-teacher ratio is only 1:7.

The yearly average tuition, uniform & fees are around $45,000 for new students. Students may also be eligible for grants and scholarships.

Missouri Military Institute

Avg Acceptance rate: 65%

Avg Tuition: $43,000

The Missouri Military Academy is located in Mexico, Missouri, about 40 miles outside Columbia, Missouri, home to the University of Missouri. All students are boarded at the prep school, which has a strong military tradition and an emphasis on academic excellence. Mr. Dale Dye, Judge William Berry, and Lt. General Jack Fuson are among the boarding school’s notable alumni.

The Missouri Military Academy is currently only for boys. It prepares students from grades 7 to 12. Its 360-Degree Education promotes academic excellence, physical development, character development, personal motivation, and leadership abilities.

Graduates have been accepted to some of the country’s most prestigious universities, including U.S. service academies. Its JROTC program is nationally recognized and has received the highest honor from the United States Army over 30 times.

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Yearly tuition, including boarding, averages $39,500, with an additional $3,000 for new student uniforms. Several scholarships and grants are available at the school, including one for Boy Scout Leadership and one for children of fallen, disabled, or deployed service members.

Camden Military School

Avg Acceptance rate: 80%

Avg Tuition: $31,000

Camden Military Academy is located in South Carolina’s Camden. The institution subscribes to the “whole man” motto regarding its approach to academia. Students are challenged to grow physically, emotionally, and morally in addition to academically.

The military high school is only open to male students in grades 7 through 12. Camden Military Academy has 300 students, making it one of the nation’s most exclusive military boarding schools.

The teacher-to-student ratio is 1:8, allowing for plenty of one-on-one interaction. The SAT average is 1130, and the ACT average is 25. Cognia has accredited the curriculum at Camden Military Academy.

Boarding school tuition is significantly lower than the national average. Camden Military Academy’s average domestic student pays around $31,000 per year, which includes tuition, boarding, and uniforms.

Some students may be eligible for financial aid, and grants are available for South Carolina residents.

Hargrave Military School

Avg Acceptance rate: 70%

Avg Tuition: $40,000 (boarding) $16,000 (day students)

Hargrave Military Academy is a preparatory military boarding school for boys in grades seven through twelve. Hargrave uses its military setting to create a daily structure that holds students more accountable and gives them more responsibility than students expect from public middle and high schools. 

Hargrave is one of the best military schools, with a 70 percent college acceptance and retention rate and an average SAT score of 1515. Their large number reflects Hargrave’s superior military learning environment.

Military High Schools for Girls

Many military schools have high academic standards and a focus on preparing students for college success and military leadership. Military schools for girls allow female students to excel in an environment traditionally dominated by men.

Florida Aviation Academy

Avg Acceptance rate: 99.999%

Avg Tuition: $16,000- $43,000

The Florida Air Academy is a day and boarding school with a 100% college or university acceptance rate for its graduates. The school has classes for male and female students from 7th to high school. Aside from a strong academic program, the academy offers aviation and scuba diving activities.

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Marine Corps Military Academy

Avg Acceptance rate: 85%

Avg Tuition: $50,000

The institution, founded in the mid-1960s, has built a strong reputation for affordability since its inception. Harlingen, Texas, is home to the Marine Military Academy.

The academy offers more than 50 courses at reasonable prices. Tuition and boarding for Fall 2023 are $50,000 per year, which includes uniforms. The academy has about 210 male students aged 7 to 12. With a teacher-to-student ratio of 1:8, the classroom is relatively small.

The academy’s primary goal is to provide opportunities for those who want to join the United States Marine Corps. Students may enroll in Aerospace and Marine Science in addition to honor courses.

In addition, 40 acres of campus are set aside for Marine Corps physical training. The institution also provides JROTC and organized sports. The Marine Military Academy has an astounding 98 percent acceptance rate.

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