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Everything You Need to Know About Texas Military Institute, Episcopal

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Texas Military Institute, popularly called “TMI Episcopal, ” is a coeducational college preparatory for students in grades 6 and 12.

Texas Military Institute was founded in 1893 and is located in the Episcopal Diocese of West Texas, San Antonio. “TMI Episcopal” is the oldest church-sponsored and private college preparatory school in the Southwest of the US.

With a rich history and heritage deeply rooted in the Church, TMI has taught, raised, and trained Godly students who are now future-forward individuals, bringing changes in narratives in sports, leadership, spirituality, religion, arts, etc.

Talking about the rich history of TMI, below is a brief walkthrough of the history of the Texas Military Institute.

History of Texas Military Institute.

Texas Military Institute, named initially “West Texas School for Boys,” was founded in 1893 by Rt. Revd. James Steptoe Johnston is the second bishop of the West Texas Episcopal Diocese and a retired lieutenant. Soon enough, transformation set in, and its name was changed from “West Texas School for Boys” to “West Texas Military Academy”. 

During its initial foundation, West Texas Military Academy was located in Government Hill and was later moved to Alamo Heights in 1911 after its relocation to Government Hill, West Texas Military Academy was merged with San Antonio Academy in 1926 and had its name again, changed to the now “Texas Military Institute (TMI Episcopal)”, with Dr W.W. Bondurant as the head of the school.

Later, in 1936, TMI was sold to Dr. W.W Bondurant, head of the school, and was transferred back to the Episcopal Diocese of West Texas in 1952.

TMI was a male military school until 1972, when it admitted women for the first time and allowed civilians into the school system, leaving the military program optional.

The Episcopal Church School

Texas Military Institute is a coed college preparatory with over 470 students in grades 6 and 12. 

Aside from a solid root in academics, TMI has built an ecosystem that allows students to participate in different competitive sports and academic hobbies or skill-related clubs, challenging students to be sound within the four walls of the classroom and explore their creative abilities.

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It has more than a quarter of its students participating in the nationally recognized JROTC program with an Honor Unit with Distinction award.

The school’s mission is concentrated on developing servant leaders, following the teachings of Jesus Christ while providing students with a great educational experience that challenges and prepares them for colleges and universities, service academies, and studies abroad. The school teachers’ and administrators’ passion and commitment help students reach their full potential and give them opportunities in both service and leadership.

Core Values of TMI

The core values that uphold TMI are 

  • wisdom, 
  • integrity,
  •  service, 
  • excellence, and
  •  reverence. 

At Texas Military Institute, students are empowered to improve their curiosity, strive for devotion, grow a deep and genuine relationship with the Source and Meaning of their existence, and live as a community that reveres God through respect for others and protection of our natural world. Through service, students are taught the act of empathy and compassion with excellence as a watchword from the athletic field to the classroom.

Academics at Texas Military Institute.

At TMI, keen interest is taken in seeing the TMI scholars at the top of their games. This is why the school has taken the time to build students’ intellectual, physical, emotional, spiritual, and moral standards. 

Texas Military Institute Episcopal has an impressive learning culture with highly qualified teachers and instructors dedicated to creating a vibrant learning environment for students through passionate and flawless demonstration of their subjects.

 As students go through the academic programs at TMI, they are inspired to discover their areas of interest in academics through specially designed courses. The College Prep, Honours, and college-level Advanced Placement courses are among these courses.

Subjects offered at Texas Military Institute include English, Fine arts, Humanities, Mathematics, Science, and World Languages.

How to Get Admissions Into TMI

Admissions into TMI differ from usual as Texas Military Institute seeks to allow parents and students to discover all that education at TMI has to offer.

The admission process is designed so that apart from the school giving access to the learning community, the student is placed at the core of the activity while trying to discover the student’s potential and the learning experience best suited for him.

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TMI bases its admission on a wide range of analyses other than a few isolated traits.

Tuition and Fees

 TMI’s tuition fee is segmented into two parts;

The Day Students Annual Tuition and Boarding/International Students Annual Tuition.

For the Day Students Annual Tuition, students within grades 6 and 8 (Middle School) pay an average of $26,312 yearly.

Students in grades 9 and 12 pay $29,477 yearly.

These fees cover lunch, uniforms, books, and services such as the morning shuttle pick-up.

While for boarding and international students in grades 8-12, 

5-day boarding students pay $53,330 annually while

7-day and International boarding students pay $58,490 annually.

TMI also offers scholarship programs for outstanding students. Examples of these scholarships include the Alkek Scholarship, Gresham Scholarship, and the Lillibridge Scholarship.

Activities at Texas Military Institute

As mentioned earlier, TMI is not only focused on building the intellectual capacity of its students but also on an all-around 360° education. 

Several leadership activities, sports events, and music are carried out at TMI. Here are a few of the events at the Texas Military Institute:

  • Entrepreneur and Innovation Luncheon.
  • Theatre production
  • Military ball
  • Homecoming
  • Alumni Clay Shoot.
  • Grandparents day 
  • Alumni Day and Hall of Fame Awards.

Several clubs also encourage and ignite students’ creative sparks, improve their problem-solving abilities, and build spirituality at Texas Military Institute. Some of these clubs include;

  • The Baking Club
  • The Bible study club
  • The Blockchain and App Development club
  • Craft club
  • F1 club
  • Math Club
  • Film and Analysis Club, among others.

Alumni of Texas Military Institute

Over 130 years, Texas Military Institute has done a great job of putting forward change makers and culture shapers in society. Among these people are

  • Douglas MacArthur- General of the US Army
  • Julian Onderdonk, popularly referred to as the father of Texas painting
  • Sharpe Micheals is an award-winning NYT best-selling author.
  • Rev Robert R. Brown, a Bishop.

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