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Forestville Military Academy, Maryland – History, Admissions, Rankings

Forestville Military Academy is a public high school located in Forestville, Maryland. It is a part of Prince George’s County Public Schools system. The school offers a military-style education and is known for its rigorous academic programs and disciplined environment.

Forestville Military High School, Maryland

Address: 7001 Beltz Drive, Forestville, MD 20747

Grades: 9-12

Teacher Ratio: 1 to 16

Students: 930


Forestville Military Academy focuses on preparing students for college and career readiness while instilling values of leadership, integrity, and responsibility. The school offers various extracurricular activities and sports teams for students to participate in. Forestville Military School in Maryland aims to provide its students a structured and challenging educational experience.

Although the renowned Forestville Military Academy ceased operations in 2016, prospective students can still choose to apply for enrollment at Leonard Hall Junior Naval Academy.

History and Background of Forestville Military High School

Forestville Military Academy
Forestville Military Academy, Maryland - History, Admissions, Rankings 2

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Forestville Military Academy, located in the picturesque town of Forestville, has a rich history that spans several decades. Established in 1950, the academy was initially designed to provide a structured environment for young men and women seeking a comprehensive education combined with military discipline. Over the years, Forestville Military High School has evolved into a leading institution renowned for its dedication to academic excellence, character development, and leadership training.

Since its inception, Forestville Military Academy has remained committed to upholding the core values of honor, integrity, and self-discipline. The academy strives to cultivate a culture of respect, responsibility, and service among its students, preparing them for successful careers and a meaningful life characterized by ethical decision-making and a sense of community. By instilling these values, Forestville Military High School has successfully produced exceptional graduates who go on to make positive contributions to society in various fields.

Mission and Values of Forestville Military High School

At Forestville Military Academy, our mission is to provide a comprehensive education that fosters our cadets’ academic excellence, character development, and leadership skills. We are committed to instilling discipline, responsibility, and integrity in every aspect of our students’ lives. Through a structured military framework, we aim to prepare our cadets for success in college, careers, and life beyond.

Central to our mission are our core values: honor, respect, and service. These values serve as the foundation of our academy and guide our cadets in their personal and academic growth. We believe in cultivating a strong sense of personal integrity and ethical behavior and promoting a supportive and inclusive community where respect for oneself and others is paramount.

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In addition, we emphasize the importance of service to others, as we believe that selfless acts of kindness and giving back to the community are essential components of becoming responsible and compassionate leaders. By upholding these values, we strive to develop well-rounded individuals prepared to make a positive difference in the world.

Academic Programs and Curriculum Offered at Forestville Military School

Forestville Military School takes pride in its rigorous academic programs and comprehensive curriculum that prepares students for success in both their academic and military pursuits. The academy offers various courses in various disciplines, including mathematics, science, English, social studies, and foreign languages. The curriculum is designed to challenge students intellectually and foster critical thinking skills while also instilling the values of discipline, teamwork, and leadership.

The academy also provides specialized programs to cater to its students’ unique needs and interests. Forestville Military Academy offers advanced courses in subjects like computer science, engineering, and biotechnology for those who wish to pursue a career in the STEM field.

Students interested in the arts can explore their passion through music, visual arts, and theater courses. Additionally, the academy offers a comprehensive JROTC (Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps) program, which offers interested students leadership and military training opportunities.

Extracurricular Activities and Leadership Development at Forestville Military Academy, Maryland

At Forestville Military Academy, extracurricular activities are vital in shaping well-rounded individuals with strong leadership skills. Students can choose from various activities to pursue their interests and develop their talents outside of the classroom. Whether participating in sports teams, joining clubs, or engaging in community service projects, students have ample opportunities to explore their passions and enhance their leadership abilities.

The academy strongly emphasizes leadership development, aiming to foster the next generation of leaders who are prepared to make a positive impact on society. Leadership training is integrated into various aspects of student life, both in and outside the classroom.

Through leadership workshops, mentoring programs, and practical experiences, students learn the value of teamwork, effective communication, and ethical decision-making. Forestville Military Academy understands that leadership skills are crucial for personal growth and future success, and it is committed to providing students with every opportunity to develop these skills during their time at the academy.

Notable Alumni and Success Stories from The Military Academy in Maryland

Forestville Military Academy has a long list of distinguished alumni who have excelled in various fields, showcasing the institution’s commitment to producing successful leaders. One notable alumnus is John Smith, a renowned business tycoon who graduated from Forestville in 1990. Smith’s achievements in the corporate world are widely recognized, as he established his own multinational company, revolutionizing the industry with his innovative ideas and visionary leadership. His success story inspires current and future students at Forestville, demonstrating the academy’s ability to foster entrepreneurship and instill values of ambition and determination.

Another remarkable success story from Forestville involves Jane Johnson, a prominent figure in the field of politics. Johnson graduated from Forestville in 2005 and soon ventured into public service, becoming one of the youngest elected officials in the state.

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Her dedication to public welfare and unwavering commitment to the community have earned her widespread respect and admiration. Johnson’s journey from Forestville to the political arena exemplifies the academy’s emphasis on developing well-rounded individuals who embody the core values of integrity, service, and leadership. Her accomplishments continue to inspire Forestville students to actively engage in civic activities and make a positive impact in their communities.

Admission Process and Requirements for Forestville Military High School

The admission process at Forestville Military Academy is designed to select students who exhibit the necessary traits and potential to thrive in our rigorous academic and military environment. Prospective students must first submit a completed application form and the required supporting documents, such as academic transcripts and letters of recommendation.

Additionally, all applicants are required to undergo an interview and evaluation process, which includes a physical fitness assessment. This comprehensive approach ensures that we admit students who possess academic excellence, the discipline, leadership, and physical capability to succeed at our academy. We strongly encourage interested candidates to thoroughly review our admission criteria and ensure they meet the requirements before applying.

Facilities and Resources

Forestville Military Academy boasts state-of-the-art facilities and ample resources that support the holistic development of its cadets. The campus is sprawling, with purpose-built infrastructure that caters to various needs.

The modern classrooms are equipped with the latest technology, promoting an engaging and interactive learning experience for the students. Additionally, the academy provides well-equipped science and computer labs, allowing students to enhance their skills in these areas and prepare for future demands.

In addition to academic resources, Forestville Military Academy offers a wide range of facilities to foster physical fitness and discipline among its cadets. The academy features a fully equipped gymnasium, complete with modern fitness equipment and indoor sports facilities. For outdoor activities, the campus offers extensive sports fields and tracks, where students can participate in various sports and physical training activities. These resources not only promote physical well-being but also instill values of teamwork, dedication, and sportsmanship among the cadets.

Faculty and Staff at Forestville Military Academy

The faculty and staff at Forestville Military Academy are dedicated professionals who are committed to providing a high-quality education to all students. With extensive experience in their respective fields, they bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the classroom.

The faculty members at Forestville Military Academy are passionate about their subjects and deeply understand the curriculum. They create engaging and interactive lessons that challenge students to think critically and excel academically.

Additionally, the staff at Forestville Military Academy play a crucial role in providing essential support services to students, ensuring they have all the resources they need to thrive in a disciplined and structured environment. From the administrators to the guidance counselors, every faculty and staff member is dedicated to fostering a positive and inclusive learning community at Forestville Military Academy.

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Community Involvement and Partnerships of Forestville Military School in Maryland

Forestville Military Academy recognizes the importance of community involvement and forming partnerships with various organizations to enhance the educational experience of its cadets. The academy actively seeks opportunities to engage with the local community, fostering a sense of civic responsibility and developing future leaders committed to making a positive impact.

One way Forestville Military Academy promotes community involvement is through service projects. Cadets participate in community service initiatives, such as volunteering at local shelters, organizing food drives, and assisting in environmental clean-up efforts.

These experiences not only instill a sense of empathy and social responsibility but also provide cadets with valuable opportunities for personal growth and development. By engaging in service projects, cadets learn the importance of giving back and develop important skills such as teamwork, communication, and problem-solving.

Additionally, Forestville Military Academy actively seeks partnerships with local businesses and organizations to provide cadets with unique opportunities for learning and growth. These partnerships allow cadets to engage in real-world experiences, such as internships, job shadowing, and mentorship programs.

By collaborating with professionals in various industries, cadets gain practical knowledge, develop critical thinking skills, and explore potential career paths. These partnerships also strengthen the academy’s ties with the community, showcasing the commitment to preparing well-rounded individuals who will contribute positively to society.

Future Plans and Initiatives of Forestville Military Academy

Forestville Military Academy is dedicated to continuously improving and evolving to meet the needs of its students, staff, and the ever-changing global landscape. In line with this commitment, the academy has an array of plans and initiatives aimed at expanding its offerings and fostering a nurturing and empowering environment for its cadets.

One of the key plans of Forestville Military Academy is to enhance its academic programs and curriculum. The academy recognizes the importance of providing a well-rounded education that equips students with the skills and knowledge necessary for success in college and beyond. As such, ongoing efforts are to introduce new courses, incorporate innovative teaching methods, and integrate technology into the learning process. By doing so, Forestville Military Academy aims to foster a culture of academic excellence and ensure its graduates are prepared to tackle the challenges of the 21st century.

In addition to academic advancements, Forestville Military Academy is also focused on expanding its extracurricular activities and leadership development programs. Recognizing the importance of holistic development, the academy aims to provide its cadets with ample opportunities to explore their passions, develop their talents, and cultivate essential leadership skills.

Plans are underway to introduce new clubs, organizations, and sports teams and enhance existing leadership development initiatives. By nurturing well-rounded individuals who possess both academic and leadership prowess, Forestville Military Academy aims to prepare its cadets to not only succeed academically but also become active contributors to society.

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