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Nokomis High School JROTC, Maine

Nokomis High School JROTC is a military academy located in Newport, Maine. The program is open to all students in grades 9-12 and offers a variety of benefits, including leadership training, citizenship education, and opportunities to compete in regional and national JROTC events.

What is Nokomis High School JROTC?

Nokomis High School JROTC is a Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps program affiliated with the United States Army. The program is designed to teach students about leadership, citizenship, and military skills. Students in the program learn about military history, drill and ceremony, and physical fitness. They also participate in community service projects and leadership development activities.

History and Purpose of Nokomis High School’s JROTC Program

The Nokomis High School JROTC program has been shaping young minds and developing strong leaders since its founding in 1965. The program instills discipline, patriotism, and positive values in students while providing them with valuable skills and experiences to serve them well in the future. Nokomis High School’s JROTC program aims to prepare students for potential military service and foster personal growth, accountability, and a deep sense of responsibility towards their community and country.

The Nokomis High School JROTC program operates under a well-defined structure and organization emphasizing teamwork, respect, and self-improvement. Led by dedicated and highly trained instructors, the program offers a comprehensive curriculum that combines classroom instruction, physical fitness training, leadership development activities, and community service initiatives.

By immersing students in a structured environment and providing them with unique opportunities for growth and leadership, Nokomis High School’s JROTC program plays a vital role in nurturing the potential within each student and preparing them for the challenges that lie ahead.

Structure and Organization

Nokomis High School’s JROTC program instills discipline, leadership, and self-confidence in its cadets through a well-defined structure and organization. The program follows the guidance and regulations of the United States Army. Under the leadership of experienced Army instructors, the JROTC unit is divided into smaller companies, each with its chain of command consisting of cadet and non-commissioned officers.

The program operates on a hierarchical structure, where senior cadets hold leadership positions and mentor their junior counterparts. This fosters a sense of responsibility and accountability among the cadets, as they are entrusted with important duties and roles within their respective companies. Regular drills and ceremonies are conducted to promote precision, teamwork, and attention to detail. The structure also includes clear goals and objectives aligned with the JROTC program’s mission.

Curriculum and Training

Nokomis High School’s JROTC program offers a comprehensive curriculum to develop well-rounded cadets. The core curriculum focuses on military science, leadership, and character building. Students undergo extensive training in drills, ceremonies, physical fitness, and marksmanship. These hands-on activities enhance their skills and instill discipline, teamwork, and resilience.

In addition to the core curriculum, Nokomis High School’s JROTC program provides specialized training in first aid, navigation, and communication skills. Cadets also have the opportunity to participate in leadership development workshops and attend leadership camps, where they learn effective communication, decision-making, and problem-solving techniques. The training prepares cadets for future military careers or provides valuable skills for success in any field they choose.

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The comprehensive curriculum and training offered by Nokomis High School’s JROTC program ensure cadets receive a well-rounded education that prepares them for future challenges.

Leadership Development and Character Development

The Nokomis High School’s JROTC program is renowned for emphasizing leadership development and character building. Students are equipped with the necessary skills to become confident leaders and virtuous individuals through engaging activities and rigorous training.

One of the program’s primary objectives is to instill discipline and a strong sense of responsibility in its cadets. Students learn the importance of punctuality, teamwork, and attention to detail through regular drills and exercises. These fundamental values lay the foundation for their personal and professional development, fostering a sense of honor and integrity that permeates every aspect of their lives. Additionally, the program offers numerous opportunities for cadets to take on leadership roles, allowing them to develop their communication, decision-making, and problem-solving skills.

Community Involvement and Service Opportunities for Nokomis High School’s JROTC

Nokomis High School’s JROTC program highly emphasizes community involvement and service. Students are actively encouraged to participate in various service projects and community events, fostering a sense of responsibility and giving back to their local community.

Through partnerships with local organizations and participation in community-wide initiatives, students can positively impact and develop a deeper understanding of the needs and challenges others face. Nokomis High School’s JROTC program organizes various service opportunities throughout the academic year, from volunteering at homeless shelters and food banks to participating in environmental clean-up projects.

These service opportunities instill a sense of purpose and empathy and cultivate important leadership skills and a commitment to serve others. By actively engaging in community involvement and service, Nokomis High School JROTC students are empowered to become responsible citizens dedicated to making a difference in their communities and beyond.

Achievements and Awards of Nokomis High School’s JROTC

Over the years, Nokomis High School’s JROTC program has garnered numerous achievements and awards, solidifying its reputation as a leading program in the region. The dedication and commitment of the cadets, combined with the guidance of the experienced instructors, have resulted in an impressive track record of success.

One notable achievement of Nokomis High School’s JROTC program is its consistently high performance in drill competitions. The precision and discipline displayed by the cadets during these events have earned them several first-place finishes and accolades from judges. These achievements showcase the exceptional teamwork and coordination within the program and demonstrate the cadets’ unwavering commitment to excellence.

Furthermore, Nokomis High School’s JROTC program has also excelled in marksmanship competitions. Through rigorous training and practice, the cadets have honed their shooting skills, enabling them to achieve remarkable scores and earn recognition for their marksmanship abilities. These achievements reflect the program’s emphasis on discipline, focus, and accuracy, instilling valuable life skills in the cadets as they pursue success beyond high school.

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Impact of Nokomis High School’s JROTC on Student Success and College Admissions

The impact of Nokomis High School’s JROTC on student success and college admissions is profound. Through its rigorous curriculum and comprehensive training, the JROTC program equips students with essential skills and qualities that set them apart in college application. The program’s emphasis on leadership development and character building cultivates in students a sense of discipline, responsibility, and commitment, qualities highly valued by colleges and universities.

Nokomis High School’s JROTC participation also provides students with unique community involvement and service opportunities. The program encourages students to engage in meaningful projects and initiatives, allowing them to impact their local community positively. This kind of involvement reinforces the values instilled by the JROTC program and demonstrates to college admissions committees the student’s dedication and willingness to contribute to society. The experience gained through community service projects enhances students’ resumes and provides valuable talking points during college interviews.

Benefits of Joining Nokomis High School’s JROTC

There are many benefits to joining Nokomis JROTC. Students in the program learn valuable leadership and citizenship skills that can help them succeed in school and in life. They can also compete in regional and national JROTC events, which can be fun and exciting. Nokomis JROTC cadets can also apply for scholarships and other financial assistance opportunities.

Here are some of the specific benefits of joining Nokomis JROTC:

  • Leadership training: Nokomsi JROTC cadets receive leadership training and have the opportunity to hold leadership positions within the program. This training can help students develop their leadership skills and confidence.
  • Citizenship education: Nokomsi JROTC cadets learn about citizenship and their responsibilities to their community and country. This education can help students become more engaged and informed citizens.
  • Military skills: Nokomsi JROTC cadets learn about military history, drill and ceremony, and physical fitness. These skills can help students prepare for a career in the military or other challenges in life.
  • Competition and excitement: Nokomsi JROTC cadets can compete in regional and national JROTC events. These events can be a lot of fun and excitement, and they also allow cadets to test their skills against other cadets from around the country.
  • Scholarships and financial assistance: Nokomsi JROTC cadets can apply for scholarships and other financial assistance opportunities. This can help students pay for college or other educational expenses.

Competitions and Events

Nokomsi JROTC cadets compete in various regional and national events throughout the year. Some of the most popular events include:

  • Drill and ceremony competitions: Drill and ceremony competitions test cadets’ ability to perform military drill and ceremony movements.
  • Physical fitness competitions: Physical fitness competitions test cadets’ physical fitness and endurance.
  • Academic competitions: Academic competitions test cadets’ knowledge of military history, citizenship, and other topics.
  • Leadership competitions test cadets’ leadership skills and ability to solve problems and work as a team.
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Leadership Opportunities

Nokomsi JROTC cadets can hold various leadership positions within the program. These positions include cadet battalion commander, battalion sergeant major, and company commanders and first sergeants. Leadership positions in JROTC can help students develop their leadership skills and confidence.

How to Join Nokomis JROTC in Maine

To join Nokomis JROTC, students must be enrolled in Nokomis High School and must be in grades 9-12. Students must also have a minimum GPA of 2.0 and be physically healthy.

Students interested in joining Nokomis JROTC should contact the JROTC instructor at Nokomis High School for more information.

Nokomis JROTC Cadets in Action

Nokomis JROTC cadets are actively involved in their community and in the JROTC program. Here are a few examples of what Nokomis JROTC cadets have been up to recently:

  • In September 2023, Nokomis JROTC cadets participated in the annual POW/MIA ceremony at Nokomis High School. The ceremony was held to honor and remember American prisoners of war and missing-in-action service members.
  • In October 2023, Nokomis JROTC cadets competed in the Maine State JROTC Drill and Ceremony Competition. The cadets performed well in the competition and placed first in the overall drill and ceremony competition.
  • In November 2023, Nokomis JROTC cadets participated in Newport, Maine’s annual Veterans Day Parade. The cadets marched in the parade to honor and thank veterans for their service.

Alumni of Nokomis JROTC, Maine

Nokomis JROTC has a long and proud history of producing successful alumni. Many Nokomis JROTC alumni have served in the United States military, and some have even risen to the rank of general. Others have pursued successful careers in business, government, and education.

One notable Nokomis JROTC alumnus is General Peter W. Chiarelli, who retired from the United States Army in 2015. General Chiarelli served as the 32nd Vice Chief of Staff of the Army and the Commanding General of the Multi-National Corps – Iraq.

Another notable Nokomis JROTC alumnus is Dr. Michael K. Mansour, the current President of the University of Maine at Augusta. Dr. Mansour served in the United States Army for 26 years and retired as a colonel. He is a decorated combat veteran and has received numerous awards for his service, including the Bronze Star Medal and the Purple Heart.

These are just a few examples of the many successful Nokomis JROTC alumni. Nokomis JROTC is proud of its alumni and their accomplishments.


Nokomis High School JROTC is a great opportunity for students to learn about leadership, citizenship, and military skills. The program offers a variety of benefits, including competition and excitement, leadership opportunities, scholarships, and financial assistance. Students interested in joining Nokomsi JROTC should contact the JROTC instructor at Nokomis High School for more information.

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