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Top 10 Strongest Military in Africa

Ranking the top strongest military in Africa can be subjective and depend on various factors such as budget, personnel, equipment, training, and experience.

Here are the top 10 strongest militaries in Africa based on their overall capabilities, recent operations, and assessments by military experts:

  1. Egypt
  2. Algeria
  3. Nigeria
  4. South Africa
  5. Ethiopia
  6. Morocco
  7. Tunisia
  8. Kenya
  9. Sudan
  10. Libya

It’s important to note that this list is not exhaustive, and other countries may have strong military capabilities in Africa. Additionally, military strength is not the only factor determining a country’s overall power and influence in international relations.

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The security and security of a nation depend on its military strengths. The military’s duty is to ensure the nation’s regional judgment inside the nation’s shores on the arrival, discussion, and ocean. To realize this, diverse African nations reserve a large entirety of cash within the yearly budget for protection.

This cash is utilized in preparing military staff, securing devices and weapons, etc. This post’ll tell you approximately the most grounded Military in Africa in 2023.

Based on the military quality, the nation with the Control List (‘PwrIndx’) score of 0.000 is considered the most grounded. According to the World power index and Global Fire Power, The military quality of nations is compared with this score. Egypt has the most grounded military strength in Africa, with a score of 0.22. Trailing behind Egypt within the list are Algeria and Nigeria within the moment and third positions, separately.

Military control is vital for any dynamic state looking to ensure its borders and interface. Generally, looking at the strongest Military in Africa in 2023, the landmass is doing well against world superpowers.

Below is the list of the Top best 10 strongest Military in Africa.

1. Egypt


Egypt puts itself over the beat with respect to military quality due to the sheer estimate of its equipped strengths. The North African control positions an amazing 12th in worldwide rankings.

The Egyptian Outfitted Strengths comprise the Egyptian Armed forces, Egyptian Naval force, Egyptian Discuss Constrain, and Egyptian Discuss Defense Command. About 500,000 workforces serve on its dynamic cutting-edge constraint, distant outperforming all its African partners.


It has about 10,000 protected battling vehicles, 60,000 calculated vehicles, 1,092 airships, and expansive oil saves from which to draw. What sets it apart enormously is its maritime quality, which incorporates conventional carriers and nuclear-powered submarines.

The military has been picking up a grasp on control since the military overthrow that toppled Morsi and put al-Sisi in control. In a protected submission that was held this year, proposed revisions gave the armed force more prominent powers that activists say may lead to intercessions in civilian things.

2. Algeria

algerian 1

Like its North African partner, Algeria has overseen the utilization of its expansive oceanic border to its advantage. The nation has overseen the creation of gigantic military capabilities on land, in discussion, and within the waters. The nation, be that as it may, positions a removed moment in 27th position in worldwide rankings. Algeria’s dynamic, cutting-edge staff numbers more than 130,000 troops, with about 2,000 protected battling vehicles at its transfer.

algerian jpg

The nation is encountering turmoil after its long-time president ventured down, but the military has moreover found a voice as flimsiness and respectful turmoil endure. The armed force chief has voiced his concerns on the proposed delay to the decisions, which may fuel advance turmoil. The armed force in Algeria is, as it were, a substance able to restrict successfully Islamic Powers (that nearly took over the nation after the autonomy).

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3. Nigeria

The West African armed force has been bolted in a fight with the Boko Haram guerilla for the way better half of the decade. Despite noteworthy picks up made in Buhari to begin with the tenue, there have been many difficulties within the past year as the armed force is more prepared for routine fighting instead of the guerrilla strategies utilized by the protecting.


Like Algeria and Egypt, a plenteous household oil supply facilitates the money-related burden of inclusion in the military struggle. Nigeria has more than 1,800 heavily clad vehicles, 250 tanks, and 6,000 calculated vehicles at its transfer, as well as about 300 flying machines and 25 high-powered maritime vessels. The maritime control of the nation needs behind compared to the rest of the African partners with oceanic borders.

NG MIL jpg

The Nigerian military is known to be the finest in remote peacekeeping missions. They learned that amid preparation, they are prepared to bear with each landscape and climate condition. The nation has one of the largest uniformed combat services in Africa.

Tragically, despite the country’s military might, the nation can’t overcome Boko Haram, which is upsetting the northern locale of the nation, as well as the colossal security challenges that have heightened in other districts of the nation.

NG 4

4. South Africa

Because it hasn’t been entangled in a universal military struggle for a while, it employs its profoundly progressed military for peacekeeping and universal participation. The need for struggle has not anticipated the nation from having a whopping $4,6 billion protection budget.

SA MIL 1 jpg

Its airplane and maritime vessels are famously well prepared with the most recent innovation, and despite the nation having less than 100,000 dynamic front-line staff, it has the capabilities and labor for much more. Include that an endless cluster of arrive framework innovation and the South African military could be a constraint to be figured with. 

5. Ethiopia

Despite being landlocked and not having the focal points of the Beat 3, Ethiopia is, as it were, a nation without a sea border within the Best 5. Ethiopia has centered its assets on creating its armed force and discussing drive to a noteworthy degree (the GFP doesn’t penalize landlocked nations for not having a maritime constraint).

Ethiopia 2 jpg
Top 10 Strongest Military in Africa 15

Prime Minister Aby Ahmed has delighted in a cheerful relationship with the military since taking control of military authorities, having been seen visiting a few of the PM’s ventures and being briefed on his vision for the nation.

The nation has long experienced inner strife, and the need for a solid military has to be a need, considering the danger of fear-mongering Al-Shabaab. Ethiopia right now has a dynamic drive of 140,000 troops, with about 2 million individuals coming to military age every year.


Its flying machine and maritime vessels are famously well prepared with the most recent innovation, and in spite of the fact that the nation has less than 100,000 dynamic front-line staff, it has the capabilities and labor for much more. Include that an endless cluster of arrive framework innovation, and the South African military could be a drive to be figured with

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6. Angola

The Angola Outfitted Powers (FFA) has three components: the armed force, the naval force, and the discussed drive. Before this year, the change motivation of President Lourenco sept through the equipped strengths with 88 officers being calmed of their obligations.

angola 2 jpg

This comes a year after the chief of staff misplaced his work when he was named by the lawyer common in a debasement test.

The eggs from what the President calls the “Golden Goose” (oil saves) have permitted the Southern African country to support an expansive military budget. It currently has a dynamic constraint of up to 100,000 troops supported by 585 shielded battling vehicles, 300 tanks, 285 pieces of flying machine, and a naval force of 57 make.

7. Morocco

Before this year, King Mohammed VI called the government to enlist 10,000 Moroccans into obligatory military benefit this year, which is often set to extend to 15,000 in 2020. The Illustrious Armed Force has a dynamic drive of 196,000 faculty.

At its transfer are 291 flying machines, 2,720 heavily clad vehicles, 1,109 tanks, and a naval force with an armada of 121 resources.

Top 10 Strongest Military in Africa 16

The armed force, too, kicked off the joint military workout with the US named “African Lion 2019” in Walk, which was centered on preparing it for the battle against savage radicalism and fear-mongering.

Despite its huge budget, financing accomplices such as the U.S. have detailed that it remains “plagued by debasement, a wasteful bureaucracy and moo levels of instruction within the ranks.” The arrangement of most of its powers in Western Sahara remains its greatest shortcoming to date.

8. Sudan


Likely the foremost questionable passage in this year’s postings, heroes turned reprobates. After delayed challenges and a sit-in by nonconformists at its central station, the military toppled longtime ruler Omar al-Bashir.

In any case, the past few weeks have seen reports of military brutality coming out of Sudan as talks between civilian agents and the military come to a halt.

The military quality developed through the decades of al-Bashir running the show, and it has gotten funding from Saudi Arabia within the final few months after getting control.

The military has a dynamic drive of 104,00 faculty, 191 airplanes, 410 combat tanks, 403 shielded battling vehicles, and a add up to 18 maritime resources. Most of this hardware is provided by Russia and China as the nation is under sanctions from Western nations.

9. Democratic Republic of Congo

The DRC is domestic to Africa’s moment biggest populace at 86 million. Blue head protectors, the Joined Together Countries Adjustment Mission, still contain a nearness within the nation as the country’s possess strengths are not completely prepared to handle the peace operations.


The security change of the nation started in 2003 after a period of gracious war and is still hooking with the exertion to coordinate equipped non-state on-screen characters into national security education. There’s a dynamic constraint of 134,000 staff, and despite this being a sizeable drive, it is still slacking behind in preparing compared to other powers.

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10. Libya

There has not been peace and solidness within the North African nation since the ouster of Muammar Gaddafi. The military has an amazing cache of hardware which you clearly speculated is from its oil dollars.

The nation is now separated between a government in Tripoli and a rebel common, Common Haftar, who appreciates the backing of Western powers such as the Joined together States.

The government in Tripoli is combating to keep the powers out of the city because it needs complete coordinates to constrain. Notwithstanding, the nation still has accessible 2,500 protected battling vehicles, 500 tanks, 600 towed gunnery pieces, and 6,500 calculated vehicles.

Summary of the Top Strongest Military in Africa

  1. Egypt: With a defense budget of over $10 billion and a standing army of over 450,000 personnel, Egypt has one of the most powerful militaries in Africa. It has a significant air force and navy and has played a prominent role in regional conflicts such as the Gulf War and the Yemeni Civil War.
  2. Algeria: Algeria has a well-equipped military with over 500,000 active personnel and a defense budget of over $10 billion. Its forces have modernized in recent years with advanced fighter jets, attack helicopters, and missile defense systems.
  3. Nigeria: Nigeria has the largest military in West Africa, with over 160,000 active personnel and a defense budget of around $2 billion. It has played a significant role in regional peacekeeping operations and has combat experience against terrorist groups such as Boko Haram.
  4. South Africa: South Africa has a large and well-trained military, with over 80,000 active personnel and a defense budget of around $4.5 billion. It has modern equipment and capabilities, including a fleet of advanced fighter jets and helicopters.
  5. Ethiopia: Ethiopia has a large and well-equipped military, with over 200,000 active personnel and a defense budget of around $400 million. It has played a leading role in regional peacekeeping operations and has modernized its air force and navy recently.
  6. Morocco: Morocco has a well-trained and well-equipped military, with over 200,000 active personnel and a defense budget of around $4.8 billion. It has a strong air force and navy and has played a role in regional conflicts such as the Western Sahara dispute.
  7. Tunisia: Tunisia has a small but effective military, with around 40,000 active personnel and a defense budget of around $600 million. It has modernized its equipment and has been involved in regional peacekeeping operations.
  8. Kenya: Kenya has a well-equipped military with over 20,000 active personnel and a defense budget of around $1.2 billion. It has modernized its air force and navy and has played a role in regional peacekeeping operations.
  9. Sudan: Sudan has a large military with over 200,000 active personnel and a defense budget of around $2 billion. It has modernized its equipment in recent years and has played a role in regional conflicts such as the Yemeni Civil War.
  10. Libya: Libya has a large military with over 100,000 active personnel, but its capabilities have been degraded by years of civil war and political instability. However, it still has significant military equipment and has played a role in regional conflicts such as the Syrian Civil War.

It’s worth noting that military strength is not the only factor determining a country’s power and influence in international relations. Economic, diplomatic, and cultural factors also play a significant role.

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