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Georgia Military College, USA

Georgia Military College (GMC) is a Milledgeville, Georgia-based public military junior college based in the United States. It is divided into several sections: junior college, military junior college, high school, middle school, and elementary school. Until 1900, it was known as Middle Georgia Military and Agricultural College. Despite being a state-funded institution, GMC is not a member of the University System of Georgia or the Technical College System of Georgia.

Georgia Military College’s main facility is housed in the restored old Georgia state capitol building, which served as the state’s seat of government from 1807 to 1868. The Milledgeville main campus serves approximately 254 full-time resident ROTC Cadets and 1300 commuter students. With nearly 16,500 students, GMC has 13 campuses and a Global Online College.

Georgia Military College is one of four military junior colleges in the United States participating in the Army’s Early Commissioning Program. Graduates of GMC’s two-year military science curriculum receive an officer’s commission in the United States Army. The junior college was founded in 1879 and expanded to include a preparatory school for students in grades six through twelve.

GMC’s military preparatory school for Cadets is in Baldwin County and serves 279 middle school students and 277 high school Junior ROTC (JROTC) students. The dual enrollment program at the preparatory school allows qualified sophomores, juniors, and seniors to take classes simultaneously at both the junior college and high school, earning credit for their high school diploma and college degree.

Campus Life at Georgia Military College, USA

Cadets at Georgia Military College
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Image Source: GMC

Georgia Military College Junior College has campuses in Fairburn, Augusta, Columbus, Madison, Sandersville, Valdosta, Warner Robins, Fayetteville, Dublin, Eastman, Stone Mountain, and a Global Online College in addition to the main campus in Milledgeville. The other campus locations function as junior colleges in their respective communities.

Georgia Military College Columbus Campus is Columbus’ only liberal arts junior college. The Columbus campus opened at Fort Benning in 1997, then moved to Cross Country Office Park in 2004, and finally to 7300 Blackmon Road in January 2013.

In addition, Georgia Military College, USA (GMC) has a Global Online Campus. This enables GMC to offer degrees to people who work and don’t have time to come to campus, are stationed overseas, or prefer to go to school online. GMC’s online campus enables it to serve local and global communities.

Life as a Cadet

Regimen and Daily Itinerary

A cadet’s average day at GMC has opportunities to showcase leadership, engage in team-building experiences, and embrace camaraderie. It is a day filled to the brim with activities carefully orchestrated to promote personal and academic growth.

Cutting-Edge Facilities

GMC provides lodging for all male and female boarding cadets in the prestigious Baugh Barracks.

Chambers are elegantly designed in a sequence of suites, pairing two cadets in each room, boasting an interconnected private lavatory. Every room has dual wardrobes, twin beds, twin desks, twin chairs, and a pair of 3-drawer chests. Furthermore, each room is equipped with high-speed internet connectivity. In addition to these amenities, the dormitory boasts a state-of-the-art computer lab, a vibrant game room, and complimentary laundry facilities.

On-Campus Gastronomy

The Georgia Military College Dining Facility, situated within the esteemed Boylan Hall, maintains constant operation throughout the academic term. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are skillfully prepared on weekdays, while brunch and dinner are served during weekends and holidays. Special meal hours are arranged during breaks and school closures. The menu generally features a delightful array of entrees paired with a delectable selection of vegetables. A diverse assortment of short-order items is also offered during lunch and dinner, along with a refreshing salad bar and a delightful deli bar. Fresh soups and enticing desserts tantalize the palate daily.

The “Growl Grab and Go” option may acquire food items separately.

Life in Milledgeville

GMC’s Main Campus shares its picturesque landscape, nestled along the serene Lake Sinclair and the historic town of Milledgeville, alongside the renowned Georgia College & State University. The Main Campus offers an enriching college experience, where students savor the independence of living away from home in a vibrant college town. In-seat classes are conducted on a sprawling 150-acre campus adorned with paved running trails, a top-notch fitness center, off-campus study opportunities, a thriving athletics department, an eclectic fine arts scene, and a plethora of clubs and invigorating intramural activities.

GMC’s Cadets’ Corps

The GMC Corps of Cadets is intended to develop students’ leadership abilities in both military and civilian settings. Cadets engage in daily physical training to improve their fitness. Some cadets are chosen to compete in the Ranger Challenge. During the day, cadets attend classes to work on their academics. In addition, cadets frequently fill in for parades and command retreats. 

Cadets can also participate in various clubs and extracurricular activities, such as drill and color guard teams and a glee club. Cadets may also be chosen for leadership positions in the corps, where they will be assigned to regimental levels or staff duty at the team level. 

When cadets arrive at Georgia Military College (GMC) for the first time, they go through a six-week “plebe” phase that introduces them to military customs and life at the junior college.

In January 2007, GMC opened its modern barracks (dorm) facility for the Corps of Cadets’ 254 students. A new academic building and dining hall were recently finished.

Cadet Characteristics

There are several types of cadets in the Corps of Cadets program. Early Commissioning Program cadets, State Service cadets, Civic Leaders, and Service Academy Prep cadets are among them. The Army Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (AJROTC) of the GMC Preparatory School is also included in the Corps of Cadets. JROTC cadets do not participate in most college-level cadet activities and have no military obligation after graduation.

History of Georgia Military College

Georgia Military College Logo
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Image Source: GMC

Georgia Military College was established in 1879 by an act of the Georgia General Assembly “to educate young men and women from the Middle Georgia area in an environment which fosters the qualities of good citizenship.”

The General Assembly intended to establish the school as a unit of Georgia’s slowly forming University System. The Act of 1879 loaned to the University of Georgia state property in Milledgeville, including the former state capital building damaged by General William T. Sherman’s “March to the Sea,” and the Board of Trustees of the University of Georgia was given veto powers over the acts of the local Board of Trustees of the new institution. 

Middle Georgia Military and Agricultural College were established on state government lands surrounding the Old Capitol Building, which served as the state of Georgia’s seat of government from 1807 to 1868. The Old Capitol Building, which sits on the highest point in Milledgeville, was and still is the main college facility.

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Daniel Harvey Hill, a former Confederate general, served as president from 1885 until August 1889, when he resigned due to failing health. (On September 24, 1889, he died in Charlotte, North Carolina.) The 1890 graduating class included the first female students.

The college’s intended purpose was to prepare graduates for higher-level classes at the University of Georgia, to provide agricultural and mining training, and, finally, to train teachers.

In 1900, the school’s name was changed to Georgia Military College. Legislative acts in 1920 and 1922 severed ties with the University of Georgia and gave the local board complete control over the school’s operations. The method of electing board members and filling vacancies was changed in 1922. 

This act established a seven-member board to be elected from and by Milledgeville residents, with trustee terms staggered to ensure continuity. Adding a junior college division to the college-preparatory secondary school in 1930 finally justified the school’s name. In 1950, the Defense Department designated the college a “military junior college.” It is now one of only four military junior colleges in the United States.

Athletics at Georgia Military College, USA

Student life at Georgia Military College
Georgia Military College, USA 7

Image Source: GMC

Soccer, tennis, golf, cross country, softball, and football are among the sports offered at Georgia Military College. The football program has solidified its position as one of the best junior college programs in the country. Since 1991, GMC has produced 36 All-Americans, won the Junior College National Championship in 2001, competed for the national championship in 2002, participated in eight junior college bowl games, and sent over 250 young men to four-year institutions nationwide to continue their education and athletic careers. The football team finished second in the country in 2005.

The Bulldogs won the 2004 NJCAA DIII National Championship Trophy on the golf course, with Brendon O’Connell taking the individual title.

Student Activities

The GMC Dean of Students oversees the intriguing Student Activities Program at GMC, while the campus Dean of Students administers it. These activities serve as a conduit for students to express their interests and needs to the aforementioned administrators.

The primary goal of student activities lies in fostering student-centered learning and offering educational experiences that cultivate a sense of belonging to GMC. These activities provide opportunities for camaraderie, nurture leadership skills, and contribute to lifelong learning. By enriching the GMC experience, they create a more conducive learning environment. Remarkable studies conducted at GMC and nationwide consistently validate that engaging in student activities remarkably bolsters student retention and academic performance.

An array of activities is available, ranging from captivating movies and exhilarating dances to enthralling concerts and enlightening field trips. Additionally, students can delve into stimulating student publications, invigorating intramural sports, and vibrant club activities. Stay informed about upcoming events and activities through bulletin boards, campus Digital televisions, club meetings, the GMC Facebook page, and occasional in-class announcements. If you wish to propose new activities, don’t hesitate to contact the Student Activities office/Campus Dean of Students or a member of the esteemed Student Government Association. The campuses of GMC are abuzz with a dynamic student activities program, and you are encouraged to get involved.

Exploring the Mosaic of Clubs & Organizations

GMC offers a vibrant array of clubs and organizations that cater to various interests, and the list includes but is not confined to the following:

  1. Alpha Phi Omega
  2. Book Club
  3. Chorus Club
  4. Drill Team/Color Guard
  5. Math Club
  6. Phi Theta Kappa (PTK)
  7. Reflections
  8. Student Government Association (SGA)
  9. Anime Club
  10. Baptist Collegiate Ministry
  11. Creative Thinking
  12. Ethics Bowl
  13. Newspaper
  14. Pre-Nursing/Biology Club
  15. Rotaract
  16. Art Club
  17. Biology Club
  18. Drama/Art Club
  19. Fine Arts Club
  20. Phi Beta Lambda
  21. Psychology
  22. 5K Running Club

The Campus Dean of Students is the wellspring of information on these captivating clubs and more. Aspiring participants with shared interests in educational, social, or sporting activities can seek formal recognition by the college as an official club by contacting the Campus Dean of Students.

The Melodic Cadence of the GMC Chorus

The harmonious world of the Georgia Military College Chorus extends an open invitation to all students at the Milledgeville Campus who harbor a passion for music. The chorus unveils many off-campus performances, enchanting the college community and the broader public. Additional insights can be garnered from the chorus director.

Nurturing Ethical Prowess with the Ethics Bowl Team

The Ethics Bowl Team endeavors to cultivate eloquence and expertise in the fundamentals of speech, adorning participants with invaluable communication skills. This laudable objective is achieved through engrossing engagements in argumentative and interpretative debates, competing before discerning judges. The spirited members of the Georgia Military College team embark on journeys to various tournaments featuring debates and individual speaking events. Aspiring individuals with limited experience are heartily encouraged to enroll in COM 201, a course dedicated to the art of Public Speaking.

The Empowering Role of the Student Government Association (SGA)

An independent Student Government Association (SGA) graces each of GMC’s esteemed campuses. SGA advocates for student concerns, fostering a deeper understanding within the college community. It efficiently oversees all matters delegated to the student government by the President of Georgia Military College.

Acting as the primary voice of the students, SGA plays a pivotal role in institutional decision-making. Active student involvement in SGA and the decision-making process is strongly encouraged. Elections are held annually, and the elected officers serve with dedication for a period of one year.

The onus of governing the student body is bestowed upon the students themselves, and the policies and procedures governing this operation can be found in the Office of the Assistant Dean of Students.

How To Gain Admission Into Georgia Military Academy

Georgia Military College USA jpg
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Embarking on a journey toward gaining admission into the esteemed Georgia Military Academy demands adherence to a structured approach. To ensure your application is well-received, take note of the following essential steps:

  1. Submit a Formal Application: Begin the process by completing a formal application. This step is crucial, as it formally expresses your interest in becoming part of the Georgia Military Academy community.
  2. Provide an Official Transcript: Furnish an official transcript sourced from an accredited secondary school. This transcript should demonstrate your successful graduation, which can be proven through attaining a college preparatory diploma, technical diploma, general diploma, or GED.

By following these pivotal steps, you pave the way for your application to be considered carefully. Demonstrating your commitment and potential will undoubtedly boost your chances of joining the ranks of the Georgia Military Academy.

Georgia Military College Tuition

Georgia Military College, located in Milledgeville, GA, is a public 2-year institution offering a valuable education at an affordable cost. According to data from the US Department of Education (IPEDS), the average cost after financial aid, which includes grants and scholarships from the institution, state, and federal government, is $11,372 for in-state students and $18,540 for out-of-state students.

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Before financial aid, the average cost is $11,790 for in-state students and $17,250 for out-of-state students, making it clear that financial assistance plays a significant role in making education accessible to all.

Alongside the tuition fees for Georgia Military College, students should also consider other costs, such as books and on-campus room & board, when planning their college expenses. At Georgia Military College, students can expect quality education without the burden of excessive financial strain, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a rewarding academic experience.

Programs Offered in Georgia Military College (GMC)

Georgia Military College (GMC) offers various degree programs, including Associate’s and Bachelor’s degrees, focusing on affordability, accessibility, and flexibility through online programs. The college also caters to military students with specialized programs. Let’s dive into the exciting world of GMC’s degree offerings and discover the opportunities that await you!

Associate’s Degree Programs:

Allied Health:

  • An affordable path to prepare for a career in healthcare management.
  • This program serves as a stepping stone for students looking to transfer to a bachelor’s degree in the field.

Environmental Science & Water Resources Technology:

  • Ideal for those interested in a career in water resources.
  • Equips students with the necessary skills and knowledge for success in the field.

Forensic Science Laboratory Technology:

  • A perfect choice for aspiring forensics laboratory technologists.
  • The program also allows for a seamless transition to a bachelor’s degree.


  • Prepare for a career in diverse fields such as International Affairs, American Studies, Classical Studies, or Law.
  • Offers a solid foundation in historical knowledge.


  • An affordable path to prepare for a career in STEM-related fields (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics).
  • Equips students with strong analytical and problem-solving skills.

Middle Grades Education:

  • Learn fundamental knowledge and competencies necessary for teaching.
  • Emphasizes contemporary theory and research, preparing students for transfer into education programs at four-year institutions.

Studio Art:

  • Strengthens artistic abilities and creativity through analysis, critical thinking, and critiquing.
  • Prepares students for the workforce in the field of art.

Technical Studies:

  • Provides Military-affiliated students with transferrable credits for quicker degree completion.
  • Offers flexibility and diverse academic options.


  • Develop communication skills, public speaking, and communication theory.
  • Gain insights into current trends in the communication industry.
  1. Computer Science:
    • Learn high-demand coding and programming skills, such as Java and Python.
    • Ideal for students seeking a career in technology or pursuing a Bachelor’s degree.
  2. Criminal Justice:
    • Prepare for a career in law enforcement, emergency services, or the legal field.
    • Gain a comprehensive understanding of criminal justice principles.
  3. Cybersecurity:
    • Learn networking, security auditing, and information security skills.
    • Ideal for those passionate about securing online information.
  4. Early Childhood Education:
    • Quickly qualify to become a teacher’s assistant, library assistant, or daycare instructor.
    • Prepare for a rewarding career working with young children.
  5. English:
    • Prepare for a career in journalism, public relations, technical writing, or other writing-intensive fields.
    • Develop strong writing and critical thinking skills.
  6. General Studies:
    • Focus on written communication, quantitative skills, critical thinking, and problem-solving.
    • Provides a well-rounded educational experience.
  7. Homeland Security & Emergency Management (AS):
    • Prepare for employment with state and local emergency management agencies, private security firms, law enforcement agencies, corrections, and the TSA.
    • Equips students to handle critical situations.
  8. Information Systems & Analytics:
    • Gain technical skills to create, control, and leverage information using data resources.
    • Ideal for those interested in data analysis and management.
  9. Information Technology:
    • Gain basic technical skills to develop and support software, hardware, and database systems.
    • Opens doors to various IT-related careers.
  10. Kinesiology:
    • Pre-requisites needed for admission to a kinesiology program.
    • Prepares students for advanced studies in kinesiology.
  11. Logistics Management:
    • Learn how to analyze business information and engage in business decision-making processes critically.
    • Ideal for those interested in logistics and supply chain management.
  12. Management Information Systems:
    • Focus on how business processes and computer information systems are used within an organization.
    • Prepares students for IT and management roles.
  13. Operations Management:
    • Learn about the technical and managerial aspects of business operations.
    • Explore designing, producing, and delivering products and services.
  14. Paralegal Studies:
    • Preparation for entry-level positions in the legal community.
    • Gain a comprehensive understanding of legal principles.
  15. Political Science:
    • An introduction to the fields of political science, international relations, and public administration.
    • Explores various aspects of political systems and governance.
  16. Pre-Nursing:
    • Foundational coursework and prerequisites for competitive nursing programs.
    • A stepping stone for those interested in nursing careers.
  17. Psychology:
    • Gain an understanding of psychological principles and concepts.
    • Learn how the scientific method is applied in psychology.
  18. Social Work:
    • Ideal for those aspiring to have a career in social work.
    • Gain skills for entry-level employment in social service agencies.
  19. Sociology:
    • Learn about sociological principles and concepts.
    • Understand the dynamics of human societies.

Bachelor’s Degree Programs:

GMC AU-ABC (Air University):

  • Further, your education with GMC’s AU-ABC Programs if you have earned an AAS degree from the Air Force’s CCAF.
  • Tailored programs for Air Force personnel seeking to advance their education.

Healthcare Management:

  • Learn critical thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making skills necessary for managing health care services and programs.
  • Prepare for leadership roles in the healthcare industry.

Homeland Security & Emergency Management (BAS):

  • Coursework covers criminal justice, public safety, crisis management, homeland security, and terrorism prevention.
  • Ideal for those interested in safeguarding national security and responding to emergencies.

Public Health:

  • Prepare students to take on public health roles, monitoring, evaluating, identifying, and treating health issues.
  • Contribute to improving community health and well-being.

Supply Chain Management & Logistics:

  • Prepare for employment in logistics, warehousing, procurement, materials management, distribution, and related fields.
  • Acquire skills to optimize supply chain operations.

Supervision and Management:

  • Preparation for supervisory and management roles in various businesses and industries.
  • Develop leadership and organizational skills.

Business Management:

  • Hone the leadership and management skills needed to communicate and guide organizational change.
  • Explore various aspects of business administration.


  • Learn analysis, critical thinking, and project design.
  • Prepare for further studies in the field of biology.

Business Administration:

  • Build a foundation toward a bachelor’s degree in business administration, accounting, finance, or marketing.
  • Explore the core principles of business management.

Housing in Georgia Military College (GMC) Milledgeville Campus

On the Milledgeville campus, there’s a nice place just for the esteemed students of the Corps of Cadets. It’s called Baugh Barracks. Both male and female cadets live there. It’s like a beautiful symphony of suites where two cadets share a room with a private bathroom. It’s a place of peace and friendship.

Each suite has two closets, beds, desks, chairs, and 3-drawer chests, so it’s all set for two people. And guess what? Every room has internet too!

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They have more cool stuff too! There’s a computer lab for the students to use. It’s a place where they can learn and explore. Plus, there’s a game room where they can have fun and enjoy each other’s company. And wait, there’s more! Laundry is free for everyone, making chores easier.

Oh, by the way, GMC doesn’t offer on-campus housing to students not in the Corps of Cadets. So, if you want to live there, you’ve got to be a part of the Corps.

Notable Alumni of Georgia Military College

Georgia Military College, occupying the 2450th position worldwide, the 872nd rank in North America, and the 825th place in the United States, boasts a constellation of distinguished alumni who have significantly contributed to various domains.

To showcase the brilliance of these individuals, we have assembled a list of 14 notable graduates from Georgia Military College, meticulously arranged by the popularity of their wiki pages. The compilation includes renowned alumni and acknowledges the invaluable contributions of former students, researchers, and academic luminaries.

  1. Oliver Norvell Hardy – A Marvel of Comedy and Cinema Born in the United States in 1892, Oliver Norvell Hardy earned his mark in history as an iconic comic actor, film director, and stunt performer. His renowned partnership with Stan Laurel, known as Laurel and Hardy, graced the screens of silent films, capturing the hearts of audiences from 1926 to 1957. Hardy’s impressive filmography spans 107 short films, feature films, and cameos, and his illustrious career took flight with his inaugural film, “Outwitting Dad,” in 1914. Before joining the esteemed producer Hal Roach, he was affectionately billed as “Babe Hardy” on the silver screen during most of his silent movie ventures.
  2. Carl Vinson – Architect of Naval Might Born in the United States in 1883 and departing from this world in 1981 at the age of 98, Carl Vinson was a remarkable American politician, revered for his more than half-century tenure in the U.S. House of Representatives. His influence left an indelible mark on the 20th-century expansion of the U.S. Navy. As a staunch member of the Democratic Party, Vinson represented Georgia in the House from 1914 to 1965, earning the honorable title “The Father of the Two-Ocean Navy.” Holding the distinction of being the longest-serving member from Georgia in the United States House of Representatives, he also held the esteemed position of the Dean of the US House of Representatives from 1961 to 1965.
  3. Trenton Jacoby Brown – Tackling Greatness in Football Born in the United States, Trenton Jacoby Brown’s football prowess captured the world’s attention. An offensive tackle, he graced the ranks of the New England Patriots in the National Football League (NFL). His journey to success encompassed playing college football at Georgia Military College and Florida, eventually leading to his selection by the San Francisco 49ers in the seventh round of the 2015 NFL Draft.
  4. George Dekle Busbee Sr. – Statesman of Georgia Born in the United States in 1927 and leaving an enduring legacy until 2004, George Dekle Busbee Sr. emerged as a notable American politician, leaving an indelible impact as the 77th governor of Georgia from 1975 to 1983.
  5. Bobby Lee Christine – A Legal Luminary Born in 1969, Bobby Lee Christine stands tall as an American attorney and former judge who showcased his legal acumen while serving as the United States Attorney for the United States District Court for the Southern District of Georgia from 2017 to 2021. He also briefly assumed the role of the Acting U.S. Attorney for the United States District Court for the Northern District of Georgia in 2021. Before these achievements, Christine held the esteemed position of Assistant District Attorney in Augusta, Georgia. The legal expertise he demonstrated was further honed during his tenure as a magistrate judge in Columbia County, Georgia, and as a partner at the esteemed law firm of Christine and Evans LLC.
  6. Isaac Butts IV – A Slam-Dunk Success Born in the United States, Isaac Butts IV etched his name in the annals of basketball history. He is a professional basketball player who currently commands the court for Koshigaya Alphas of the Japanese B-League. His journey to success began at Georgia Military College Prep School, where he showcased his talent before graduating high school in 2007. He then received a prestigious scholarship to attend Appalachian State University, where he continued to excel. His collegiate career culminated in an invitation to participate in the Orlando Magic Summer League. Notably, Butts and his co-host Max Matsumoto curated the fascinating IKEMAX Podcast, providing a platform for Japanese B-League basketball players to share their experiences.
  7. Daniel Wilcox – Triumphs on the Football Field Born in the United States in 1977, Daniel Wilcox emerged as a formidable American football tight end, leaving an indelible impression during his tenure with the Baltimore Ravens, the New York Jets, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the National Football League (NFL) from 2001 to 2008. His exceptional skills were honed during his time at Appalachian State University.
  8. William Julian Usery Jr. – The Advocate for Labor Born in the United States in 1923 and departing from this world in 2016 at the age of 93, William Julian Usery Jr. etched his name in labor union activism. His influence transcended into government appointments, culminating in his role as the Ford administration’s United States secretary of labor.
  9. Claude Milton “Mick” Kicklighter Sr. – A Trailblazing Military Leader Born in the United States in 1933, Claude Milton Kicklighter Sr. stands as a revered retired United States Army officer. His illustrious career saw him command the United States Army Western Command (later United States Army Pacific) from 1989 to 1991. He also held key roles as Director of Security Assistance for the US Army Security Assistance Center and Chief of Staff for the US Army Material Development and Readiness Command in Alexandria, Virginia, from 1981 to 1984. Moreover, he assumed the esteemed position of Assistant Deputy Chief of Staff for Logistics and Director of the Army Staff for the Office of Chief of Staff in Washington, D.C. Kicklighter served as commander of the 25th Infantry Division in his distinguished tenure, leaving a lasting legacy until 1986 when he passed the baton to James W. Crysel.
  10. Keith Stokes – A Star of Multiple Sporting Worlds Born in the United States in 1978, Keith Stokes shines brightly as a former professional Canadian and American football wide receiver. His star performances garnered him the honor of being a two-time Canadian Football League all-star. Additionally, he dazzled in the French League Championnat Élite Division 1 in 2009 as a player for the Elancourt Templiers.

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