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Algeria has a rich history of military schools, with the first starting in the 1900s. These schools were established to help young Algerians learn the basic skills to serve in the military and protect the nation.

This article will explore the fascinating world of military schools in Algeria, their history, objectives, curriculum, training methods, and their impact on shaping future leaders.

History of Military Schools in Algeria

The concept of military schools in Algeria dates back to the 19th century when the country was under French rule. The French established the first military schools to teach  Algerian soldiers military tactics and the use of firearms.

Algeria’s history is rich and complex, with influences from diverse cultures and civilizations. 1962, Algeria gained independence from France after a prolonged struggle to stand alone. After independence, the Algerian government prioritized building a strong military force to protect the nation’s sovereignty and security. As a result, military institutions were founded to train future leaders and officers.

Objectives and Purpose of Military Academies in Algeria

The primary objectives of building military schools in Algeria include:

  • Professional Military Training: Military schools in Algeria were founded to provide specialized training to cadets, equipping them with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in their roles as officers.
  • Leadership: Algerian military schools aim to improve cadets’ leadership qualities. They also instilled in cadets the core values of integrity, responsibility, and effective decision-making.
  • National Identity, Pride, and Patriotism: To promote a strong feeling of national identity, pride, and patriotism, strengthening the cadets’ dedication to serving their country.
  • Physical and Mental Fitness: The Algerian military schools enhance physical endurance and mental resilience, ensuring cadets can confidently face the challenges of military service.

Curriculum and Training Methods In Algerian Military Schools

The curriculum in Algerian military schools is comprehensive and well-structured. It combines academics with professional training in military sciences, technology, strategy, and tactics. Physical fitness programs, marksmanship, combat drills, and simulations are also part of the training to prepare cadets for real-world events.

In addition, cadets are exposed to leadership courses and the principles of military ethics, discipline, and teamwork. Cultural and historical components are also added to the curriculum to help them fully understand Algeria’s rich traditions and their role in protecting its heritage.

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Now, let’s look at the top military schools in Algeria.

Top Military Schools in Algeria

  1. Ecole Militaire Polytechnique (EMP) – Algier

The EMP is a higher education institution under the supervision of the Ministry of National Defence and the Ministry in charge of higher education and scientific research.

The EMP was founded in 1995 by the National School of Engineers and Technicians of Algeria (ENITA), created in 1967.

The EMP is driven by a mission to train very high-level skilled engineers and technicians to benefit the army and nation. Aside from this, the polytechnic also provides graduation and post-graduation courses to train engineers, researchers, and teachers.

 Engineers and technicians who graduate from the EMP  have a broad range of knowledge in engineering science, with added knowledge in human and economic sciences, which often makes them termed “generalists.” 

Because of their broad range of education in engineering, human, and economic sciences, they can hold jobs in production, Management, and research and development sectors.

Military Training at EMP

Aside from scientific and technical training at EMP, military training is an essential part of the school’s activities. 

The training, which spreads over three years, aims to improve students’ physical abilities to build their self-confidence and endurance. This training also teaches students a robust military spirit and a healthy moral education.

Military training at EMP evolves around these three phases:

  1. General military education aims to teach students to build an officer’s distinctive appearance and attitude while preserving the rich military culture. 
  2. Physical education: Physical education develops flexibility, physical resistance, and endurance in students at EMP.
  3. Bivouac (Training on mountains): This part of military training at EMP is directed towards applying theoretical knowledge taught to students by putting them in a battle space to test their courage and ability to think through tactical exercises. 

Courses Offered at EMP

Some of the courses offered at EMP include:

  1. Mechanical engineering
  2. Chemical engineering
  3. Computer engineering
  4. Electrical engineering

2.   Military Academy of Cherchell

The Military Academy based in Cherchell, Algiers, the capital of Algeria, is the center of military training in Algeria. The Military Academy of Cherchell has played a crucial role in training professional officers for the army.

Since 1991, The Military Academy of Cherchell has been actively involved in the foundational training of officer cadets with the basic joint military training and academic training (university education) needed to excel in the professional service of the military.

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The academy offers two levels of training.

First is a four-year-long course for students without diplomas or degrees. Their first year is dedicated to studies built on a core military curriculum. The second through the fourth years are devoted to university studies.

The academy’s second training level is a unique course for university diploma holders. This set of people spends only a year studying military-based curriculum courses.

Recruitment Process

Candidates who want to be recruited to the academy must have a general average of at least 12 marks out of 20 in mathematics, experimental sciences, and mathematical techniques, including mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and civil engineering).

Academic Activities of the Academy

  1. Seminars: The academy runs regular internal and national training through workshops. These seminars are centered around various topics at scheduled periods by the academy management.
  2. Research, studies, and development: The Military Academy of Cherchell do not just dwell on theoretical studies alone; they also enhance their teaching techniques through research activities in the field. Research activities are meant to give cadets a better view of what is taught in the four walls of the classroom.

3. Superior School of Material

The Superior School of Material is one of the foremost military schools founded after Algeria’s independence in 1963. The school was inaugurated on the 19th of February, 1966, with the name “Material Staff School” by the president of the revolutionary council, President Houari Boumediène.

The school’s strategic location makes it one of its kind in Algeria. The school is situated in “Bea Lieu” city southeast of Algiers, just a few kilometers from the “Houari Boumediene” International Airport. 

Since it was founded, the school has undergone a lot of change in its name and structure till it was eventually named “Superior School of Material” in 2015.

Courses offered at Superior School of Material.

The Superior School of Material offers and trains students to earn degrees in many technological and logistical fields:

  • Moto propulsion set, 
  • Pyrotechnic and propulsion, 
  • Optoelectronics,
  • Logistical Management, 
  • Energy and Petroleum products, 
  • Automobile electric systems, 
  • Thermal impulsion machines, 
  • Maintenance management, 
  • Materials resources management
  • Shooting Guiding systems,
  • Mechanics of Tracked Vehicles;
  • On Board Shooting systems;
  • Electricity of Tracked Vehicles;
  • Shooting Missiles systems;
  • Radar Shooting Systems;
  • Fuel Systems;
  • Machinery and Public Works

Beyond these training in the listed courses, the Superior School of Material has attracted foreign and local people through its seminars, conferences, practical training, and contests.

The school also has a lot of infrastructure to cater to the courses offered and the execution of studies in the best possible conditions.

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Some of the infrastructures that aid the learning and training process in the Superior School of Material are:

  • Laboratories and workshops;
  • Specialized halls;
  • Sports hall: soccer fields and swimming pools;
  • Driving circuits;
  • Shooting ranges.

Aside from the infrastructure available, the school has a lot of equipment, which includes and is not limited to the following:

  • Real materials;
  • Subassemblies and organs;
  • Models and didactic tools;
  • Simulators.

Advantages of Military Academies in Algeria

There are many advantages to attending military schools in Algeria, such as the opportunity to gain valuable knowledge and skills in military tactics and strategy. 

Let’s explore a few.

  1. Rigorous Training: Military schools offer intensive training that fosters discipline, leadership skills, and physical fitness in young men who enroll in the schools.
  2. Leadership Development: Cadets are groomed to become influential leaders and decision-makers in the military and civilian fields.
  3. Patriotic Values: In a military school, a strong sense of nationalism and love for the country is instilled, promoting loyalty and dedication among cadets.
  4. Networking Opportunities: Cadets build strong connections with peers and mentors, creating a valuable professional network for the future.

Disadvantages of Military Schools

While attending military school in Algeria has advantages, there are also some potential drawbacks. 

  • Rigorous Lifestyle: The strict regimen of military schools may be challenging for some cadets, leading to stress and adjustment issues.
  • Limited Personal Freedom: Cadets may experience little freedom and communication with family during training periods.
  • Physically Demanding: The intense physical training may be too tricky, affecting some individuals’ well-being, coupled with the fact that most cadets are young.
  • Specialization Limitations: Military schools might not cater to specific career paths pursued outside the military.

Courses offered in Algerian Military schools

Some of the most famous military schools in Algeria offer a variety of courses. These include systems in:

Many of these schools also offer specialized intelligence, counterinsurgency, and special operations programs.

Tuition In Algerian Military Academies

Finally, military schools in Algeria have played an integral role in developing skilled and dedicated individuals who serve the nation with honor and commitment. The historical significance of these institutions has contributed to Algeria’s defense capabilities and national pride. 

While attending a military school offers numerous advantages, it also comes with specific challenges that should be carefully considered before deciding. Prospective cadets and their families must weigh the benefits and drawbacks, aligning their aspirations with the opportunities presented by these esteemed institutions.

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