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Insight Into The Best Christian Military Schools in 2024

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Everything You need to know about Christian Military Schools

Christian Military schools are exceptional academic institutions that combine rich Christian education and a sprinkle of military discipline in the education of students.

Lately, parents have become concerned with the future of their children, struggling to keep them on the right path amid social pressures, pop culture, Gen Z, and other noise and distractions around the world. 

Due to this fear, many parents gravitate towards the idea of sending their kids to Christian Military schools where they believe their kids would have access to an atmosphere and a place where the expectations for their children align with the values and standards of the school.

In this article, we will explore why making the unique choice of sending your child to a Christian Military school will be a very good decision.

What makes Christian Military Schools stand out?

Christian Military Schools at their core have been known to encourage and teach young people to see and understand the world through the lens of God’s truth while being very responsible, diligent, and disciplined.

At Christian Military schools, students’ perspectives of the world and learning culture are greatly influenced and shaped through a reflection of the bible. This reflection is on the ultimate truth- God, at the centre, and a thorough knowledge that God created and sustains the world.

Christian military schools uphold dearly the virtues of communal living, teamwork, excellent education, service and leadership. Christian Military Schools do not only provide scholastic excellence blended with Christian values and teachings, but they also challenge students to be critical thinkers, and prepare them with Christ-like and real-time leadership skills to participate effectively in the real world of influence.

In addition, Christian Military schools place a strong emphasis on character development, structure and discipline not found in normal public or private schools. 

Aside from these points mentioned earlier, a very important feature of Christian Military Schools is “Partnership with parents”. Christian Military Schools are built in such a way that students see the school as an extension of their home. They therefore prioritize parents working extensively with their kids and take responsibility to create a continuous conducive environment that matches the principle and experience their kids get while at school.

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Academics at Christian Military Schools

Most parents doubt the quality of academic excellence in Christian Military Schools but it has been observed that aside from Christian Military Schools ensuring deep and extensive investment in the spiritual experience and maturity of students, they also make sure students have an all-around experience in their academics with sound and qualified teachers who embody true Christian living. 

This emphasizes the point that students in Christian Military Schools when taught about true Christian living do not have to look too far to understand the topic because the traits are well expressed in the teachers and staff of their school.

At Christian Military Schools, a balanced mix of standard education and military learning curricula are used which includes but is not limited to subjects like;

  • English
  • Maths
  • Social Studies
  • History
  • Fine arts
  • Languages
  • Communications 

The Christian Military Schools also offer a series of Advanced Placement and College Credit courses which over the years have placed students at high rates of college acceptance ranging from 85-95%. 

Take a look at the Christian Brothers Academy.

Extracurricular activities at Christian Military Schools

Too many times, parents fear that their children might not be involved in extracurricular activities because of the amount of time Christian Military Schools spend impacting biblical truths and instilling a sense of leadership in their students through military drills and exercises. 

Well, it is important to know that this fear does not hold. Christian Military Schools are different from others particularly because they are very practical with the teachings they instill in their students.

To teach their students the beauty of teamwork and the essence of physical health, students actively participate in sports. This includes 

  • athletics, 
  • field events, 
  • basketball, 
  • baseball, 
  • soccer
  • regular endurance jogs etc.

And for the record, Christian Military Schools have a healthy heritage of winning at Interstate sports events.

To build students who are concerned about service and leadership, community services such as 

  • singing with the older saints down the school, and
  • environmental cleanups
  • Leadership and service seminars are carried out as frequently as possible.

To build young men and women who are futuristic and determined to shape culture and influence the world positively, extra efforts are made to help develop their creative abilities in 

  • Public speaking,(through debate clubs)
  • drama,
  • drawing, and 
  • music.
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As a means of balance too, students whose hearts are akin to becoming men of the armed forces have their interests and passions ignited with special programs like the AJROTC: Army Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps program.

Eventually, all of these carefully curated extracurricular activities shape the perspectives of students as they emerge as leaders who influence culture greatly in whichever space they wish to play in. 

In the words of Frederick Buechner, giving them “a sense of vocation where their deep passions and world’s deep needs meet.”

Best Christian Military Schools in 2024

According to the Boarding School Review, here is the list of the top Christian Military School in 2024

Here are some others from around the world

Tuition Fees

Tuition fees at Christian Military Schools vary depending on location, type of educational system; boarding or day etc.

However, tuition fees for Christian Military schools in the US average $35,000-$50,000.

Enquiries about tuition fees can be made by visiting the schools’ websites.

Alumni of Christian Military Schools

  • Tim Holden – Former United States House of Representatives|U.S. Congressman from Pennsylvania(Fork Union Military Academy)
  • William Knox Martin – William Edward Boeing|Boeing’s first test pilot and Chief Instructor, Officer in the U.S. Marine Corps Aviation Section during WW1, the first man to fly over the Andes. (Fork Union Military Academy)
  • Eddie Perry- Athlete (St Thomas Academy, Minnesota)
  • Mark McMillan- Founder of Pierrepont Hicks Clothing line (St Thomas Academy, Minnesota)
  • Josh Howard- Author, Christian Extremism: A Life Worth Dying For(Dallas Christian College)
  • Naji Marshall- Basketballer- New Orleans Pelicans (Hargrave Military Academy)
  • Adam Rapp – Novelist, playwright, filmmaker, director and musician(  St John’s Northwestern Academies)
  • Ari Megalis & Paul Megalis – Co-Founders of Maplewood Brewery & Distillery (St John’s Northwestern Academies)
  • William Faulkner was a novelist and a Nobel laureate. Writer of the classic novels The Sound and the Fury, As I Lay Dying, and Light in August. (Chamberlain-Hunt Academy)
  • John C. Stennis- Politician and lawyer. (Chamberlain-Hunt Academy)
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