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Everything About California Military Institute in the United States

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California Military Institute, located in Perris, California, is a public, co-educational school with a military-like environment that is highly structured and geared toward both personal and team development. The California Military Institute (CMI) serves the city of Perris, California, and the communities of Riverside, San Diego, Orange, and Imperial counties in the Inland Empire. The California Military Academy is one of the best military Schools in California.

The combination of intensive, high-quality learning opportunities and the rigorous and demanding self-discipline required in a military environment ensures that our program’s uniqueness will be maintained. Academic excellence, cadet leadership, patriotism, and community service are all hallmarks of CMI cadets. CMI, as a public charter school, offers a military environment without the boot camp environment.

Military Impact of California Military Institute Perris, CA

Students are not required to serve in the military after graduating from this secondary school. Students must wear military uniforms, but parents are not required to purchase them. The majority of outerwear is provided at no cost. If parents want highly polished or appropriate dress shoes, they bear the cost.

Drills, exercises, training, and public displays are all part of military life, and these activities do find their way into student life. The time and effort required for these activities are credited against either physical or vocational educational credits for graduation.

Demographics of Students in CMI

The California Military Institute, as a public school, has no enrollment restrictions other than age and behaviour. Boys and girls of all colours, creeds, and religions are welcome. The majority of CMI’s students are of Hispanic descent.

Modus Operandi of The California Military Institute

CMI is guided by the values of honour, courage, and commitment outlined in the Statement of Corps Values. CMI also believes that every cadet and recruit possesses the potential for leadership and service to our society. CMI activities and training opportunities are designed to help our cadets grow into leaders who excel at all levels of responsibility. Being a good follower is the most important skill of a good leader, and CMI recognizes the value of both follower and leader.

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Community service is one of CMI’s defining characteristics, not only as a means of developing a positive identity and recognition in the community but also as a means of instilling the value of service in our future leaders. Cadets and recruits serve their communities in various ways, including but not limited to civic celebrations and events, assisting charitable organizations through fund-raising or direct service, and assisting nearby schools or similar organizations with after-school programs open to all.

HONOR guides California Military Institute Cadets to the pinnacle of ethical and moral behaviour, as detailed in the following list:

  • Obey the law
  • Set a good example
  • Respect yourself and others
  • Maintain a high standard of integrity
  • Maintain special trust and confidence
  • Prioritize faith and honour above all else; and
  • Honour your fellow cadets, the Corps of Cadets, your country, and your family.

Cadets of the California Military Institute are committed to acting responsibly, being accountable for their actions, and fulfilling their obligations because they possess the qualities of maturity, dedication, trust, and dependability.

COURAGE is the mental, moral, and physical strength that Cadets are born with. Courage is the ability to do the right thing at the right time and for the right reasons. It guides Cadets through the trials of youth and helps them overcome fear. A Cadet’s inner strength allows them to do the right thing, uphold a higher standard of personal conduct, lead by example, and make difficult decisions under stress and pressure.

The spirit of determination and dedication found in Cadets is known as COMMITMENT. It results in the highest level of discipline for individuals and units within the Cadet Corps. It inspires unwavering determination to achieve academic and personal excellence. Commitment includes a personal determination to: 

  • Perform all tasks to the best of one’s ability at all times 
  • Always be truthful and forthright
  • Complete all assigned tasks with pride and dignity, whether difficult or simple.

Status Quo of California Military Institute’s Education

CMI provides a one-of-a-kind educational experience that combines high academic expectations and standards with a military-style setting. CMI has many distinguishing characteristics that set it apart from other public schools. Members of the Perris Union High School District’s Board of Trustees, our chartering local education agency, developed and promoted the concept of CMI. 

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The military-style structure was inspired by another charter school in Oakland, California, when it was first conceived. CMI, like the Oakland school, is affiliated with the California Cadet Corps (CaCC), the California National Guard’s JROTC program. The CaCC created the Military Science curriculum that is offered to cadets.

CMI is not a “military school” for troubled or vulnerable cadets. CMI was established to provide educational challenges to cadets with a minimum G.P.A. of 2.0 and no significant behavioural issues. With these academic and behavioural criteria in place and a military-style organization, CMI welcomed its first class of fifty 7th graders in 2003. The first senior class graduated in June 2009. 

They currently serve students in grades 5 through 12, with a total enrollment of 1006 Military Path/21 Technology Path students. The California Military Institute has begun its twelfth year of successfully meeting the challenge of providing a high-quality educational experience for those seeking a safe, secure, motivating, and disciplined learning environment.

Admission Requirements For California Military Institue

There are no special admissions requirements or procedures at the California Military Academy. Submit complete transcripts and a current and complete shot record before the next class year’s deadline, and if a spot is available, acceptance is on a “first come, first serve” basis.

If athletics are on the horizon, you must also submit the results of a complete medical physical and a sports-related insurance policy to the school before student participation in sports outside of a Physical Education class — school sports teams — will be considered.

Football, soccer, baseball, softball, and other competitive sports are available for individual or team participation.

In conclusion

The CACC now provides free uniforms to the California Military Institute, so students no longer have to pay for their uniforms. Students in high school are required to wear the A.C.U. Uniform. Middle and elementary school students must wear the Class C uniform. All students must also wear a Class B uniform on the required day. C.M. Many military branches visit me throughout the year, especially during Pass-n-Review. C.M.I. has it once a semester.

C.M.I. not only focuses on the military aspect of the school but also provides a variety of sports for students to try out for. These sports are also available to students in middle school and elementary school.

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