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Military Academies of Spain

military academy or school is an educational institution where officers of the different corps of the army are instructed and trained. Its exact definition may vary depending on the country; there are three types of military academies: polytechnic school, university school, and one that serves solely to prepare cadets to become officers in the armed forces of a State.

Most countries have only the latter, and in some, such as Chile, they are more appropriately often designated as military schools since the term academy is generally reserved for other areas of culture.

What is common to all of them, regardless of the country, is the military training received in this educational institution. Below, we outline some of the characteristics of this teaching.

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Military Instruction: Military School Training

Military academies provide military training that teaches the recruit the essential information and training in techniques necessary to be an influential military member.

This acquisition of professional competencies, understood as knowledge, skills, and abilities, is governed in Spain by the Military Training Curriculum approved on February 18 in Order DEF/177/2019.

Reintegration is one of the most essential aspects worked on for the incorporation of a civilian into an army. A sociological concept that teaches the soldier to mentally and emotionally endure any situation he must face.

These techniques are intended to ensure that soldiers, during or after a battle, do not experience trauma and that, in their resocialization transition from civilian to soldier, they are trained to follow only the orders of their superiors, something that is impossible in civilian life. It happens literally.

It is, therefore, a slow and complex process in which, as an individual, you must be clear about your military vocation and be ready for anything. In the case of Spain, the Spanish land army, air force, and navy are assigned, through Article Eight of the Spanish constitution, the mission of guaranteeing the sovereignty and independence of Spain, defending its territorial integrity and constitutional order.

If you want to be part of it, you must commit to the values ​​through military training that you can do in one of the many military academies in Spain.

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The Military Academies in Spain

Here is a list of the Spanish Military Academies.

Spanish Cadets at West Point Military Academy - YouTube
Spanish Cadets at West Point Military Academy – YouTube

We start with the academies and schools that are still in operation today and belong to the Army, the land branch of the Spanish Armed Forces, which is one of the oldest active armies in the world.

Army Academies and Schools

  • General Military Academy. Saragossa
  • General Basic Academy of Non-Commissioned Officers. Talarn (Lerida)
  • Army Engineers Academy. Hoyo de Manzanares (Madrid)
  • Artillery Academy. Segovia
  • Infantry Academy. Toledo
  • Knight Academy. Valladolid
  • Academy of Logistics. Calatayud (Zaragoza)
  • Mountain Military School and Special Operations. Jaca (Huesca)
  • Army War School. Madrid
  • Central School of Physical Education. Toledo
  • NBC Military Defense School. Hoyo de Manzanares (Madrid)
  • Higher Polytechnic School of the Army. Madrid
  • Army Aviation Academy. Colmenar Viejo (Madrid)
  • “San Gregorio” National Training Center. Saragossa
  • Chinchilla National Training Center. Chinchilla from Montearagón (Albacete)
  • Troop Training Center No. 1. Cáceres
  • Troop Training Center No. 2. San Fernando (Cádiz)

There are also schools and academies belonging to the Spanish Navy or Navy, responsible for training officers to defend the country by sea or land. Let’s see what they are.

Navy Academies and Schools in Spain

  • Naval Military School. Marin (Pontevedra)
  • Navy Noncommissioned Officer School. San Fernando (Cádiz)
  • School of Higher Studies in Physical-Mathematical Sciences. San Fernando (Cádiz)
  • Navy Diving School. Cartagena (Murcia)
  • “General Albacete Fuster” Marine Infantry School. Cartagena (Murcia)
  • Submarine School. Cartagena (Murcia)
  • “Antonio de Escaño” Specialty School. Ferrol (La Coruña)
  • Specialty School of the La Graña Naval Station. Ferrol (La Coruña)
  • Naval Air Crew School. Rota (Cádiz)
  • Center for Tactical Programs and Fleet Instruction and Training. Rota (Cádiz)
  • Hydrography School. Cadiz
  • Center for Higher Studies of the Navy Quartermaster. Madrid
  • Higher Technical School of Naval Weapons Engineers. Madrid
  • Naval War College. Madrid

Air and Space Army

  • General Air Academy. San Javier (Murcia)
  • Basic Air Academy. The Virgin of the Road (León)
  • Matacán School Group. Machacón (Salamanca)
  • School of Aeronautical Techniques. Torrejón de Ardoz (Madrid)
  • School of Command, Control, and Telecommunications Techniques. Madrid
  • School of Security, Defense and Support Techniques. Saragossa
  • Military Parachuting School. Sewer (Murcia)
  • Hunting and Attack School. Talavera la Real (Badajoz)
  • Helicopter Pilot School. Armilla (Granada)

On the other hand, the UME (Military Emergency Unit) is implemented as a permanent joint military force within the Armed Forces. Its purpose is to intervene quickly anywhere in the Spanish national territory in cases of catastrophe, serious risk, calamity, or other public needs.

Military Emergency Unit 

  • Military Emergency School, Torrejón de Ardoz (Madrid)
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Finally, the military centers are common to the specific bodies within the Armed Forces. There are four: the Military Legal Center, the Intervention Center, the Health Center, and the Military Music Center.

Academies and Schools of the Common Corps of the Armed Forces 

  • Central Defense Academy. Madrid
  • Military Health School
  • Military School of Legal Studies
  • Military School of Educational Sciences
  • Military Intervention School
  • Military Music School
  • Military Language School
  • Defense Cynological School. Madrid
  • Higher School of the Armed Forces. Madrid

Did you know that among all these Spanish military academies we have seen, it is the oldest in the world and continues to operate today?

That’s right, it is the Segovia Artillery Academy founded on May 16, 1764, during the reign of Charles III of Spain in the Alcázar of Segovia.

This place is one of the most famous medieval castles in the world; it is one of the most visited monuments in our country. It dates back to the beginning of the 12th century, and no more and no less than twenty-two kings have passed through its rooms.

However, in 1862, after a fire in the Alcázar, the academy moved to the Convent of San Francisco, where it is currently located, where copies of books from the time that survived the disaster can be seen in its library.

More than 11,500 officers and 4,500 artillery non-commissioned officers of the Spanish Army have passed through it.


Spanish Armed Forces: Troops and Sailors


On the recruitment website of the Spanish armed forces, the values ​​of belonging to the force are defined:

The Armed Forces offer you a profession where the important thing is the person, teamwork, specialization, and the spirit of improvement. There is no place for routine here: you will learn what camaraderiesolidarity, and service to the community are.

To join the force, you can look at the latest Call for Places for Troops and Sailors and their requirements. In addition, below, we explain what the entrance tests are like.

Troop and Sailor Access Tests

First phase

  1. Contest

It consists of assessing general, academic, and military merits through the corresponding accreditation and by the scale established in the call, which will grant you a competition grade. If you do not have any of them, you must obtain a better score in the next phase, the opposition phase.

  1. Opposition

In this test, various aptitudes are evaluated by performing a test, preferably with an individual computerized application. The test questions to be applied (15 per factor) will measure aptitude, verbal, numerical, spatial, mechanical, perceptive, memory, and abstract reasoning abilities. This test assigns each applicant a unique and identical score for all the places they apply. The higher the result, the more options you have to get your place.

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Once this first phase is completed, you will be informed of the final score obtained, taking into account the competition grade and the opposition grade.

Second phase

If the number of candidates evaluated in the competition and opposition exceeds the places offered by 2.5 times, a prior selection is published with the candidates who must go to this second phase. This relationship will be made public in the Defense Subdelegations and on the official website of the Armed Forces. If you have been selected, you must complete the following processes:

  1. Medical examination and personality test

The qualification of the medical examination will be “Patient,” “Not Suitable,” or “Permanently Not Suitable” for the entire call. “Not Suitable” or “Permanently Not Suitable” cannot continue in the selection process. This assessment will be measured according to the medical table of exclusions required for admission to the different military training centers.

  1. Physical Fitness Tests

In order not to be too long in this article, you can access the rest of the information necessary to be a soldier or sailor in the following Troop & Sailor file.

We have seen what the procedure is like to be a soldier or sailor, and you want to be part of the Armed Forces, but do you know how you can train for it? Below, we help you decide.

Can I Choose a Competitive Examination Academy to Access Troops and Sailors?

The answer is clearly yes! As we have shown you previously, for you to get your place as a soldier or sailor, you must pass all the tests, and for this, we are here! From our academy, we will provide you with everything you need, which is no small amount so that you can succeed in the entire process. Of course, the vocation and your inner strength to be part of the army must come from you.

Below, you can look at our training method to prepare for the Troop and Sailor exams and get your place as a State soldier. Do not wait for more!

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